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  1. Wow, a huge must needed win, even if it was in a shoot out. Brunners shot was sick. Nice solid game by Gus. He deserves more games. Off to bed I go. Hopefully no headache in the morning. Cheers.
  2. Damn that was tight. Good pressure. I thought they were steal one in the last seconds. Here we go to the dreaded shoot out. What do you think Babs rolls out? Cleary, Abdeladker, then Datysuk?
  3. I couldn't agree more. He's been awesome for us & I hated his guts when he was a Pred. Sure has changed my outlook on him.
  4. Seriously though, what does Babs have against Pavel, and what does Cleary have on Babs? This is beyond frustrating to watch.
  5. Do you think Babs is ever gonna shake up this BS line that he has Datsyuk running?
  6. Keep it coming boys. We got this.
  7. Thanks Stewie!!!
  8. To go to bed, or not go to bed? That is the question.
  9. Thanks man, ,much appreciated. It's sad when I have to stop watching a nice HD feed with s***ty commentary on my 60" tv, to switch to this feed on my 22" PC screen, but it is, what it is. Cheers!
  10. I wish I had the FSD feed. This is beyond annoying. I can't drink enough booze to drown out these bums.
  11. According to the Sharks BS announcers, that last penalty by Tootoo was beyond dirty, lol.
  12. Come on Wings don't fold. Dats needs to have a fit on that Wings bench right now. Someone needs to step up and show some emotion. This is pathetic.
  13. WTF just happend. Seriously???
  14. What's wrong with having some serious passion? I get stressed out to the max when we play like total s***, especially when I know they are capable of much more. I like to have a few pops while watching the games. That doesn't mean I'm gonna go and punch someone out if they lose. GO WINGS!!! They got this.