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  1. Have some of you guys never heard about tradition? Changing the name is absurd, it would be like getting a whole new team. I don`t want to see any changes done with the logo either. It`s one of the most recognizable logos in sports, and it reflects the city of Detroit perfectly. Some of the suggestions in this thread is some of the most stupid things I`ve ever heard. Pink and silver shirts!?! And the worst; having the Stanley Cup as a logo It`s not like the Red Wings are the only team who`s ever won the trophy.
  2. I didn`t check it, but I think Ogrodnick had pretty much the same amount of points (if not better) as Yzerman in the seasons prior to naming Yzerman as captain. And I think Gallant had started to play quite well too. IMO a captain should be one of the best players, but not necessarily the best.
  3. I think Zetterberg should be the next captain, he`s the future of the organisation. When Yzerman was named captain, he wasn`t the oldest or most experienced on the team, but he was the future and that`s why they named him captain. The same should be done with Zetterberg. The vets will be there for him and help him grow into the role.
  4. I was mocking Heatley's judgment, not Snyder's tragic and senseless death. Where I live, there's a big problem with street racing and, unfortunately, they take innocent people with them. I think it`s safe to say they showed poor judgement, something I unfortunately think they share with lots of other players. They`re young, rich, idolized - they`re on top of the world and think they`re invincible.
  5. I don`t really feel sorry for any of them either, I just think it`s a bit too tragic to joke about. If there`s anyone to feel sorry for it`s Snyder, at least Lindbergh was "lucky" enough to only kill himself.
  6. OUCH!
  7. "How to win friends and fans" - by Todd Bertuzzi. "How to play fair" - by Todd Bertuzzi. "101 ways to style your hair" - by Mark Messier. "How to maintain a friendship" - by Brendan Shanahan. "How to build your team with players under 30" - by Mike Keenan. "Rocket science made easy" - by Todd Bertuzzi.
  8. It was either the Lindros or Modano alternative. Right now he`s in the Lindros category, but he`s only 18 and I think he will grow up to be more mature. So I voted Modano, I think he will be a very good player, but not great.
  9. I had no idea what this thread was about, but now I guess I gotta make a post
  10. I don`t think Ricci is ugly. Obviously he isn`t a Brad Pitt look-a-like, but there`s something about him. I actually think he was voted one of the sexiest players in the NHL a few years back.