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  1. It's time for a change

    Have some of you guys never heard about tradition? Changing the name is absurd, it would be like getting a whole new team. I don`t want to see any changes done with the logo either. It`s one of the most recognizable logos in sports, and it reflects the city of Detroit perfectly. Some of the suggestions in this thread is some of the most stupid things I`ve ever heard. Pink and silver shirts!?! And the worst; having the Stanley Cup as a logo It`s not like the Red Wings are the only team who`s ever won the trophy.
  2. Next Captain

    I didn`t check it, but I think Ogrodnick had pretty much the same amount of points (if not better) as Yzerman in the seasons prior to naming Yzerman as captain. And I think Gallant had started to play quite well too. IMO a captain should be one of the best players, but not necessarily the best.
  3. Next Captain

    I think Zetterberg should be the next captain, he`s the future of the organisation. When Yzerman was named captain, he wasn`t the oldest or most experienced on the team, but he was the future and that`s why they named him captain. The same should be done with Zetterberg. The vets will be there for him and help him grow into the role.
  4. book titles you'll never see...

    I was mocking Heatley's judgment, not Snyder's tragic and senseless death. Where I live, there's a big problem with street racing and, unfortunately, they take innocent people with them. I think it`s safe to say they showed poor judgement, something I unfortunately think they share with lots of other players. They`re young, rich, idolized - they`re on top of the world and think they`re invincible.
  5. book titles you'll never see...

    I don`t really feel sorry for any of them either, I just think it`s a bit too tragic to joke about. If there`s anyone to feel sorry for it`s Snyder, at least Lindbergh was "lucky" enough to only kill himself.
  6. book titles you'll never see...

  7. book titles you'll never see...

    "How to win friends and fans" - by Todd Bertuzzi. "How to play fair" - by Todd Bertuzzi. "101 ways to style your hair" - by Mark Messier. "How to maintain a friendship" - by Brendan Shanahan. "How to build your team with players under 30" - by Mike Keenan. "Rocket science made easy" - by Todd Bertuzzi.
  8. Sidney Crosby

    It was either the Lindros or Modano alternative. Right now he`s in the Lindros category, but he`s only 18 and I think he will grow up to be more mature. So I voted Modano, I think he will be a very good player, but not great.
  9. Post Everytime You Look

    I had no idea what this thread was about, but now I guess I gotta make a post
  10. Hudler or Ricci

    I don`t think Ricci is ugly. Obviously he isn`t a Brad Pitt look-a-like, but there`s something about him. I actually think he was voted one of the sexiest players in the NHL a few years back.