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  1. Viperar

  2. I like this a lot, wow bettman doing something right...feels dirty
  3. I am by no means ready for the amount of mental stress tonight is about to bring
  4. I am sitting here at work not being able to think of anything else, I think I feel a little sick, lets go wings, please win tonightttt!
  5. Lets go wings! Keep the pressure on!
  6. just hoping for a win! Welcome back Modano!
  7. this is pretty comical
  8. wow injuries....go wings!
  9. one of the few flyers I like...good for him
  10. awesome!
  11. c'mon wings!
  12. wow for all the ragging people do on the panthers, they're doing better than a lot of other teams.
  13. wow....the drake one was great
  14. hahahahaha. Win
  15. Chicago is 4-2 against them