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  1. Playoffs?

    Another sellout last night, 8th of the season. Possible 9th sellout for the last regular season game also, least that what I heard last night. Opps almost forgot, there was no big name person at the game last night to draw that kind of crowd.....
  2. Playoffs?

    Friday night we had aprox 8740 in attendance and that with no promotion going on. PLace looked good with all thouse fans there both nights
  3. Jimmy Howard

    You do relize Jimmy was put cause Mac was injuryed?
  4. Playoffs?

    This is very surprising the Griffins are a great team and they are not drawing fans. Do people just not care about minor league hockey or does Grand Rapids just have bad fans Yes in the beginning of the season, we were not drawing in the fans. Lots of that was due I believe to football season, people losing there jobs and a bad season last year. Once football season was done, I noticed more people at games especially on weekends; weekday games are notorious for low attendance, from what I’m told. Grand Rapids has very good fans; it showed in last night game. seems they do not draw only a couple of sell outs during the season Red and White game usually draws well and the opening game of the season than it goes down Even being with the Red Wings you would think the attendance would have be tops not so Last night (3/17/06) on the way home from the game, we listen to the post game on WOOD, Last night (3/17/06) game was the 7th sellout equaling 1999-2000 season sellouts, if I heard it correctly. Therefore, I am not sure where you got your information. I think you will see at least 1 more regular season sell out. Once we get past the first round of the playoffs, I think you will see a few more sellouts. Heck, once we make it to the finials, you will probably see a bunch of close to sellouts. AHL just isn't an exciting league to watch compared to the IHL I have seen more exciting ECHL and UHL game to tell you the truth Not to offend you, but are you a Fury fan? Seriously, it is how you watch the game. The company I work for has season tickets for the griffins. The company at times will help, I think, rent a suite at fury games at times, so I’ll hear different opinions. Some people who has been to both games will tell me they rather watch a griffin game and some say the like the fury. Therefore, as I said before, it is how you watch the game. Last night game was a very entertaining game and the night before was just out right brawl. I found the current attendance for all of AHL. ahl attendance
  5. Great Job Howard

    For the longest time I was not a very big fan of Jimmy Howard, as some of you meant remember, I had the BAN HOWARD photo. However, after the other night, I am starting to like the guy, he’s developing into a very good goalie for us and possibly the Red Wings. He did a great job the other night against the Moose. We were sitting way up in the nosebleed sits on the south side, west end. Therefore, I could watch Howard very well. I was very impressed with him in the shoot out rounds. In addition Greg Amadio, Terry Virtue (did not know it was him, we asked him who he was), Travis Richards and Brett Angle were sitting behind us. Moreover, in typical fashion, my girl friend teased Greg a little. For a minute there, I thought he got pissed at her, but he said he was ok with her. (Dang, can’t take here any where with me…lol)

    I would like to say thank you to all those fans at last night’s game (2/14/06) for cheering on the griffins. I loved how they chanted "Lets Go Griffins, Lets Go Griffins", how they got after the ref’s when they made bad calls, how they cheered on our players, just the loudness of the crowed in general……..NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a pitiful crowed it was. Don’t you people know how to cheer for your team? We went to a Red Wings game last week, what a difference in the atmosphere there compared to Saint Van Andel. Heck, I tried at least 4 or 5 times to get people chanting "Lets Go Griffins, Lets Go Griffins" no one at all for except some young kids behind us help out, yes that was my big mouth in the upper bowel chanting "Lets Go Griffins, Lets Go Griffins". There some woman down in front of us that would turn around and give me dirty looks every time I did it. Lots of people at my work who get the season ticket for the night, go to the game, and they come back to work and say to me “What is up with that place, don’t anyone cheer on the team?� They enjoyed the game in general but thought the whole atmosphere sucked. I had one say they rather go to a fury game because it is more fun there, the crowed gets in to it. I know by me ranting here probably will not get more people to cheer, but dang it all people, let cheer on our team.
  7. great game lastnight 2/4/06

    Icer First of all, I’m no hockey expert. I just see what I see, you can quote all the stats you want. HH and I have been to all but 3 or 4 home games. The simple fact is that when MacDonald is in the net we have a better chance, more than better, to win the game. Yes Howard is young we all know that. In addition, I have nothing against the person. Could he be the future goalie of Detroit, most likely? Nevertheless, there is many people worried that if we or I should say when we, make our run in the playoffs and Howard does not improve, he could be our downfall. Many fans rather see the combination of Drew and Joey. We all say let him spend the rest of the year down in Toledo. Now if he improves, then bring him back up to the griffs and let him finish improving as you say next year.
  8. great game lastnight 2/4/06

    What a game last night people, we blew them out of the arena. We were setting in section 128 for the very first time. I liked it very much. Many of the people in this section were sure hackling the players of the crunch a lot, especially the goalie of course. Heck, even I got in to the fun of it, because you all know how quite and shy I am… One thing that concerned me about this blow out is how it made Howard look like he did a great job. Yes, he did have some good saves; we got a good look at some sitting in section 128. I, HH and many people still wish they would send Howard down and bring Drew back. Heck, after the first goal the Crunch scored, I started to chant, “We want Joey�. A few people behind me started to chant it with me. HH and I are going to see a Red Wings game this Wednesday, I’m trying to get her to make a sign saying something like “BabCOCK, Please O Please take Howard and bring back our Drew back to the Griff’s� least something like that, but she so far told me NO . At one point of the game, I joke ling said, are we that good or are they that bad. Well after looking at the standings this morning and thinking back of good we have been playing, I came to the conclusion that the GRIFFS ARE THAT DANG GOOD!!!!!!!!
  9. Donald MacLean

    Heck, If he keeps it going in the AHL, we'll keep him....
  10. Our old pale boogaard

    here's anew link for this file. evendently they must remove it after awhile
  11. Our old pale boogaard

    Checking out some NHL fight videos and found this one of our old friend booger. Some of you will remember the night Houston came in and we had the big rumble at the end of the game. WHAT A NIGHT!!!!
  12. This is for the Nat fans

    Dang he looks good in a boston uniform.... To bad, it could not have been a redwing’s jersey. I have been looking at the shift charts, they've played him some, not a lot yet
  13. Griffins Game Tonight

    He's a young 29 years old
  14. This is for the Nat fans

    You are correct EstonianWingsFan#1 about them turning there back on him. Nevertheless, it was great to hear he went up to Boston. I did get to see a little of him yesterday on TV after the Red Wing Game. I hope he does a great job up there. HH and I were talking the other day about how GRG seams to give up on some players and then do better after leaving GR. I think you will not see Drew next year in GR and Hudler will be in GR for maybe one more year. Reason I saying Hudler one more year, I heard Red Wings said he was too small. However, if GRG does not win the Calder cup, they will want to keep him to make a drive next year.
  15. This is for the Nat fans

    Hey all This is for all the Nat fans that are still out there. Well, HH and I have been checking up on him once in awhile to see how he been doing in Providence. Looks like he is well on pace to hopefully beat his 50 PT “ALL STAR� season he had with the griff’s in the 2003-2004, he is currently at 32 pt with a +5 (16G 17A 29PIM) To bad they ran him out of here.. (Just my opinion) Maybe someday soon we’ll be seeing him on TV playing in the NHL..