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  1. M. Babcock
  2. GDT

    Great Pav's pass!
  3. GDT

    whaaat a hiit!
  4. GDT

    The game is blacked out in Los Angeles area, despite not being televised on national TV! WTF NHL Gamecenter?!
  5. gdt

  6. Sweet!
  7. I will be rocking Dats' jersey from 2008 season! Let's go boys!
  8. Wings are awesome, what a game! Thornton is a big ****** trying to mess with smaller players all the time. Pathetic for a captain of a team.
  9. PS

    THAT IS ******* BRILLIANT, LITERALLY LOLED))))))))))) :yowza: :thumbup: :siren: it needs to be uploaded to youtube ASAP))
  10. YES!
  11. wings gotta do and they CAN do better than that, pathetic attempt so far
  12. same here)
  13. PS

    That is ridiculously awesome looking wallpapers. Wow. Thanks for variety of resolutions. PS Any chance you got it with Datsyuk?