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  1. Fedorov back on the wings?

    Feds had his first interview as a capital and some reporter asked him if he was surprised to be trated..he said no but he said he was surprised he went to washington. Then he mentioned that everyone was telling him that he was going to end up in detroit and his response to that was Sure I'll be glad. God he thought he was going to be in motorcity again'll come feds it'll come this summer. heres the press conference it's after the 9th minute. interview
  2. Fedorov back on the wings?

    from puck rackers blog
  3. Fedorov back on the wings?

    apparently they are that was posted yesterday at 10:30 pm on the jackets board on hfboards
  4. Wings Unlikely To Deal For Offense

    I really don't think Chicago would give him up
  5. Another Fedorov Thread...Sorry

    He wanted a long term contract. The longer the better because he knew that this contract was probably going to be his last and he wanted a 5 year deal. That's it that's all there's nothing to understand out of it..what's the big deal for Holland to not give him that extra goes both ways so it wasn't completely sergei's fault
  6. Fire sale

    Nop it's not because he's injured Richardson decided to take off the C and let the team decide to who to give it to and it ended up being Foote so he's the captain for now