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  1. 2007 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Ducks

    I thought I would add to this, I had some free time so what the hay..
  2. Press Article on Cleary

    While looking through the newspaper today I came across this article and I thought that some of you guys would like to see this. It was in the Grand Rapids Press on Sunday, it's a good article and it's great others realize Cleary's talent this post-season. Cleary Clearly difference-maker for Red Wings
  3. History of Bernie

    After much looking around I found the answer to my own question. The Fabled Story of Bernie: Who is Bernie the Rally Bird? Bernie is our little European Starling friend (Red Wing at heart) who showed up in game 1 of the Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup Playoffs and helped rally the boys of Hockeytown to a 4-1 victory over the Flames. He has been adopted by the members of as the Official Rally Bird of 2007. The legend of Bernie begins where another ended. It is said that the last puck Steve Yzerman ever touched was left on the ice of the Joe Louis Arena overnight. Out from this small piece of rubber rose a great black bird, instilled with the winning spirit, inspiration, and heart of a champion. He has lived in the rafters, watching over the team ever since. Now he has returned to the ice to help rally the Detroit Red Wings to another Stanley Cup!
  4. History of Bernie

    I know it's a weird thing to ask, cause I have gotten very interested but what is the History of Bernie the Rally Bird?
  5. Cheli's New Nickname

    Great idea, nobody would ever expect to have him be called by his 'real' name
  6. First Round MVP

    CLEARY...he was the only player that seemed to play at full intensity 100% of the time. I have all the respect in the world for him after how he played in every game against Calgary!!
  7. Homer News?

    Cheers to the next round with Homer pissing the goalie off!!
  8. GAME 1 (4/12): Red Wings 4, Flames 1

  9. GAME 1 (4/12): Red Wings 4, Flames 1

    everyone go HERE time for a nice CHAT
  10. my trade with lightning

    aaww, i thought he already won that. does this dude know what a rumor is?? this is not just his first stupid post that isnt a rumor he needs to get out of his own lil world
  11. new marshmellow line

    yes, exactly what i was thinkin rumors are not what you think, give some sources or something from others that say this could happen (from somebody but you) maybe it could fit here then
  12. Hasek this year

    I was wondering what others think how Hasek will do this year with the Wings. I have the idea the if he doesnt have the groin injury, he will do pretty good not the best of his career but good enough to get us at least throught the first 2 rounds of the playoffs.
  13. Sweater colors

    So a while ago i heard that the Wings were going to have a new sweater color with black, im not sure if it is just a rumor or if it is actually going to happen for this season or in years to come or even at all. the addition of the color black as a sweater color could be a new boost for the Wings or not. it was just a rumor i heard and i wondered if anyone else heard that too, and if it is happening for not.