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  1. GDT

    Just when I was ready to lay into Gus for being a total liability out there all game, he decides to assert some offense. SMH Way to go, dude. Ok, for the third period, let's try to: 1.) Eliminate the damn penalties (Ghost ones, included) 2.) Win some damn faceoffs 3.) Complete our damn passes to our OWN teammates 4.) Feed the damn hot scoring hands 5.) Pick our damn checking game back up 6.) Win the damn game! Let's Go (damn) Wings! Jeff in Houston
  2. gdt

    Complete ******* bullahit call!
  3. gdt

    Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke! Woo hoo! Backhand again mf'er!
  4. gdt

    Yeah, man. Where did NBCSN find these wet cardboard douchetards?
  5. gdt

    Wow That wasn't a knee on Miller?
  6. gdt

    Hell yeah! Goal baby!
  7. gdt

    Can someone tell the Red Wings that the game started like six minutes ago! Jesus, this is ugly
  8. CONGRATS TO THE GRIFFINS! AWESOME SERIES, BOYS! At least Nyquist, Tatar, DeKuyser, Andersson and Lashoff got to enjoy one Cup this year. Great job, future Red Wings! Jeff
  9. I blew chunks when they started to have an issue ("no comment") with I think it was maybe Grant saying that the Griffins outplayed the Crunch last game. Let's face it, Desjardins stood on his head when the Griffins were shelling them for like 7 minutes straight. They got crazy lucky that they didn't watch the Cup presentation that night. Anyway, we need to stop taking penalties. We can only keep killing these off for so long before they get one back. We need to step on the neck early in the third once we kill this off to start the 3rd. Jeff
  10. Well, since I nearly threw up listening to these Syrapuke tools talk on the broadcast, I just muted it and pulled up WOOD online and am now listening to the future while I watch the past. GO GRIFFINS! Jeff
  11. Poop. This seems all too familiar. I think I need to stop watching. Hopefully they can put in a full 60 and Mrazek and re-find his game for Game 6 in Syrapuke.
  12. More and more it's looking that way, Brett. If even the d0uche canoes are saying that was a "tough call", you KNOW it's a sh|tty call.
  13. Frick! Yeah, Desjardins is definitely having a much better game than Mrazek. Yep, I'm pretty sure I just figured out whose picture to put next to "D0uche Canoe" in the urban dictionary... the Crunch Announcers.
  14. Damn, hard to believe that the rotten Crunch are up 3-2 after that period. Griffins looked to be possessed for most of it and missed some golden opportunities as they had Syracuse under siege. Still, I'm hopeful they can get their act together and pull out a win for the Cup tonight. C'mon, boys!
  15. YES!! 2-1 and we are back in it! This just in. Panik is a *****. We now return you to the Syracuse announcers with a massive case of diarrhea of the mouth.