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  2. KEEP IN MIND THAT OUR FORUM IS PRIVATE SO YOU HAVE TO REGISTER TO JOIN Your Premier CBS Fantasy Hockey League The SBFHL was started for the 2006-2007 NHL season and is a mandatory participation; full-keeper or dynasty league run through CBS Sports. This league started out with 8 original teams and has gone through two expansion drafts to broaden the league to 12 total teams. We are undergoing our 3rd expansion this off-season to move up to 14 total teams. The SBFHL is a head to head points based league with a very deep scoring system using over 20 different stat categories. Our league uses a two conference setup with two divisions in each conference. Most of our league business is run over our forums and we have a very active league. Some of our league info is listed below: * League Forums * Cost of 37.50 dollars (payable via Paypal) with payouts for 1st place, 2nd place and Pick Em' winner * 20+ Week Regular Season * Full Keeper League * Mandatory Participation * Daily Lineups * 22 Player NHL Roster * Separate Prospect Players Roster * 2 Conferences (4 divisions) * 3 Round Playoff Format (6 weeks 2,2,2) * Season Awards * Off-Season Trades * Tradable Draft Picks * Yearly Entry Drafts (Held over the forums) * Injured Reserve Spots * Real Traveling Trophies Here is the scoring system that we currently use: Skaters (G) Goals- 5 (A) Assists- 5 (+/-) Plus Minus- 2 (PIM) Penalty Minutes .25 (only reason to keep an enforcer on the roster) (FOW) Face- offs Won- .10 (HT) Hat Tricks- 15 (SOG) Shots On Goal- .25 (PPPTS) Power Play Points- 2.5 (SHPTS) Short Handed Points- 5 (GWG) Game Winning Goals- 5 (OTG) Over Time Goals- 5 (PSG) Penalty Shot Goals- 5 (DEFPTS) Defenseman Points- 2.5 (SHOG) Shootout Goals- 2.5 (BS) Blocked Shots- .25 (Hits) Hits- .25 Goalies (W) Wins- 7.5 (S) Saves- .35 (GA) Goals Against- (-1) (SO) Shutouts- 15 (OL) Overtime Loss- 2.5 (SHOL) Shootout Loss- 5 If you are interested in joining our league please sign up to our New Owners Signup List. We do a lot of recruiting from various hockey message boards so if you are interested in joining a premier league please sign up here: Here is a link to our complete Prospect Rosters for all 12 teams: We currently have a few teams open and their rosters are posted below. The teams that have openings are actually some very good teams. We also have not conducted our 2013 Entry Draft as of this summer so we are looking forward to that as well. Please let me know if you are interested! Carolina Berserkers: Carter, Jeff C LA Getzlaf, Ryan C ANA Legwand, David C NSH Thornton, Joe C SJ Filppula, Valtteri LW DET Parise, Zach LW MIN Ehrhoff, Christian D BUF Johnson, Jack D CLB Muzzin, Jake D LA Tyutin, Fedor D CLB Anderson, Craig G OTT Price, Carey G MON Kadri, Nazem C TOR Eberle, Jordan RW EDM Foligno, Marcus LW BUF Simmonds, Wayne RW PHI Tanguay, Alex LW CGY Ekman-Larsson, Oliver D PHO Franson, Cody D TOR Klein, Kevin D NSH Myers, Tyler D BUF Nabokov, Evgeni G NYI Wilson, Colin C NSH Neal, James RW PIT Prospect Roster 1. Morin, Jeremy F CHI 2. Shore, Drew F FLA 3. Weal, Jordan F LA4 4. Scheifele, Mark F WPG 5. Blum, Jonathon D NSH 6. Moore, John D CLB 7. Trouba, Jacob D WPG 8. Allen, Jake G STL Unsigned 2012 Draft Picks Pearson, Tanner F LA Frk, Martin F DET Pokka, Ville D NYI Unsigned 2011 Draft Picks Noesen, Stefan F OTT Saad, Brandon F CHI Unsigned 2010 Draft Picks Galiev, Stanislav F WAS Brooklyn Inferno: Kelly, Chris C BOS Steen, Alexander LW STL Alfredsson, Daniel RW OTT Hartnell, Scott LW PHI Ryder, Michael RW MON Sharp, Patrick RW CHI Girardi, Dan D NYR Keith, Duncan D CHI Kuba, Filip D FLA Salo, Sami D TB Howard, Jimmy G DET Niemi, Antti G SJ Elias, Patrik LW NJ Fisher, Mike C NSH Grabovski, Mikhail C TOR Laich, Brooks C WAS Burrows, Alex RW VAN Semin, Alexander LW CAR Smyth, Ryan LW EDM Quincey, Kyle D DET Souray, Sheldon D ANA Schneider, Cory G VAN Prospect Roster 1. Sheppard, James F SJ 2. Gillies, Colton F CLB 3. Korostin, Sergei F DAL 4. Smith, Dalton F CLB 5. Clark, Matt D ANA 6. Petry, Jeff D EDM 7. Oleksiak, Jamie D DAL 8. Altshuller, Daniel G CAR Unsigned 2012 Draft Picks Girgensons, Zemgus F BUF Sutter, Lukas F WPG Di Giuseppe, Phillip F CAR Unsigned 2011 Draft Picks Danault, Phillip F CHI Unsigned 2010 Draft Picks NONE We also need one more GM to take over an expansion team. The league will under go a full expansion draft including prospects. We have one expansion team already, so we just need one more.
  3. McCarty likely to retire

    You are wrong and this is why. If I take my personal life to work I run the risk of losing my job because like 99% of the population we aren't allowed to take our personal lives to work with us. Lets not grant every althete with a sobriety problem sainthood just because it makes them seem more real to us. Hey, Michael Vick has paid he debt to society too and I don't see everyone jumping to his aid now that he is officially reformed.
  4. McCarty likely to retire

    No, no he wasn't. Like the rest of the vocal minority I am glad to see this guy go. This is someone who made a disaster out of their personal life and I'm not going to root for a guy like that. I'll take a Yzerman or a Sakic over a McCarty alllllllll day.
  5. Shanahan returning to Detroit?

    I wouldn't even take him at leage minimum.
  6. Pictures of Lidstroms House

    Sweet. 4 pages of replies and I am going to post the first negative comment. We are in the middle of a 700 billion Wallstreet bailout with the possibility of a stock market crash; so the last thing I want to see are pictures of a multi-millionaires house. Also, a Bentley isn't modest and I don't care what you say.
  7. Darren McCarty

    So sue me for not trusting alcoholic coke heads with gambling addictions. LMAO I think my natural distrust of this caliber of person is probably the best way to play it safe.
  8. Darren McCarty

    Guess I am one of the only Wings fans who hates the guy. Too many addictions and problems for me to think the guy has even one ounce of class. I never would have brought him back. He is the only wing I ever disliked.
  9. Who retires?

    What is the nice way to tell Hasek we don't need him back at 44?
  10. Who retires?

    Players who may or may not retire: 1. Hasek- Wouldn't this be the best time to go out? He didn't play much but he still won a cup. 2. Chelios- I like him and I know he wants to stay but do we really even need the guy at 47? 3. Drake- Did his job and won a cup. Any need to play one more season? There are a few more guys getting up there in age. I am really interested in who comes back for next season.

    Sweet Osgood possibly wins Detroit another Cup and then Detroit brings someone in to take back the starting role.
  12. When can NHL teams trade again?

    Wow, at least I am not the only one who didn't know that answer to this.
  13. When can NHL teams trade again?

    I was surprised when I couldn't find that answer to this question. When are NHL teams allowed to make trades again? Is it the day of the entry draft or sooner. For some reason I can't remember when it is in seasons past.
  14. Havlat out for the season

    I have yet to see this confirmed anywhere.
  15. So I looked it up and the last season that a player scored 60+ goals was in the 1995-1996 season. Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr both had 60+ goals that season and were both on the Penguins. With Ovechkin playing at his all-time best he most definitely will hit 60 goals and if he keeps up the pace and maybe even has a shot at 70 goals. The last season that a player scored 70+ goals was in the 1992-1993 season. Both Teemu Selanne and Alexander Mogilny had 76 goals that season. My question is how many goals does Ovechkin have a shot at and how many years can he keep that up. He plays on a terrible team so I couldn't imagine what he could do with a solid first line and PP. On a real team i think he could score 80+ goals. What are your thoughts on this?