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  1. The Nashville Predators have traded forward David Legwand to the Detroit Red Wings in exchange for forward Patrick Eaves, Calle Jarnkrok and a third-round draft pick.
  2. injured

    This is unreal. What Red Wings are left? Good lord!
  3. You know for me, even given the press, it still looks staged. Maybe the person inside Marty is a real pro, but after being driven to the ice and pulled. He's waiving his arms around like a wrestler. It looked like he was playing the exaggerated way that mascots are supposed to. Now I'd like to know if the mascot was playing it off for any kids who might be worried or if it was staged. If the mascot person was hurt and legitimately played along for the fans... good on him. If it was staged, it's now gone too far. If this is all legit, then yeah.. what a sad existence this guy lives. To get upset to the point of violence for what has already been said is probably a minor prize. A foot long sub or t-shirt.
  4. I'm surprised no one has anticipated where this may be going. This year, force them to wear their jersey's untucked. Next year... allow advertising below the bottom seam of the jersey. I bet this is a foreshadowing of advertising to come. An advertiser is going to be pissed if they pay to have a product or company logo on a jersey and then the players are allowed to hide the advertising because that's how the player prefers wear his sweater.
  5. GDT

    Ericsson needs to worry about not turning over the puck, finishing some checks and playing D. The last thing he should be worried about is the fans booing an ex-teammate. Yes, we all know he left for a great reason; family. But if booing him is going to take him off his game, good. Ericsson needs to worry about himself alone.
  6. Ooh. Name calling. I wonder how productive this conversation will be. How about something we can all agree on.. I miss hockey.
  7. Steve Yzerman at 50% was better than 80% of the league at 100%. As for Cleary, he probably gets a lot of pressure from Babcock. If the guy can skate and isn't playing Babcock is poking him in the media. Talking about how he's skating but apparently isn't ready and almost seems to be down on the guys who try and get to a place where they can be effective. It's understandable that a coach wants a full bench but Babs seems determined to grind anyone down who isn't playing. So put a good deal of blame on Babs. If the coach has a beef with you he'll bury you.
  8. Thank you, both of you, I appreciate the help.
  9. I killed the cable bill to save some money. Now hockey season has rolled around and I'd love to be able to watch the Wings again. I know there used to be a Center Ice Online. Is it called GameCenter now? In any event, I live in an area where I'd be burned by Blackout Restrictions. Is there a service I can subscribe to to watch them live? I don't mind paying. Also, I have an Android phone. I know GameCenter Live is an option on Verizon but Blackouts would still apply. Is there a way to spoof the GPS? I guess I asked a lot of questions, but I'd really appreciate any help you'd be able to offer. Thanks.
  10. Has anyone been out to the official site? They mention: They proceed to show the Winged Wheel with "presented by Amway" right under it. I hate seeing the Winged Wheel tarnished with a company logo under it. And it's not just because it's Amway. It just looks ridiculous. Maybe I'm being over sensitive?
  11. This is the most overused statement in these forums. For god's sake people, you are fans of a legacy. The DRW are going to be fine. In Holland We Trust. Come on. So tired of the sky falling every time anything happens. "Datsyuk chips one into the woods" "OH s***! HE'S LOST HIS MOJO. WE'RE DOOMED." "Franzen sneezed." "OH NOEZ. FRANZEN HAS THE SUPERFLU THAT WILL KILL 80% OF THE TEAM." Every year there is panic. Every year it turns out alright. If you lower your expectations of a cup every year, this team and it's talent will be a blast to watch.
  12. I wonder if someone hit it on the head with the use of a sponsor name. I.E. The HP Pavilions or the Detroit Little Caesars. Just to illustrate the point, not obviously suggesting that either of those teams would change their names. But we're looking for something that hasn't been done before. We've done states - Florida Panthers, New York Islanders. Cities, obviously. God help us we've done cartoon or kiddie movies (Mighty Ducks) so what's left?
  13. Great memories! I remember seeing that live and laughing hysterically. It was just a shock to the system because you're so used to watching these serious gladiators doing battle and then boom a moment of levity catches you completely off guard. The "Kiss Cam" bit itself was funny, then Stevie? Forget about it. So funny.
  14. I found the video annoying but I like his enthusiasm. I'd take him over Larry Murphy. And I like Ken Daniel's "Datsyukian Deke" phrase, but Mickey hold the trophy for best color commentator.
  15. Redwing's Official Twitter & Facebook accounts have now reported Detroit is in talks with Nabakov.