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  1. "Making room for Stammer" doesn't necessarily mean acquiring at the deadline, he probably meant making more cap space. Saw a tweet that said they'll have $29 million next season.
  2. Always look forward to these, Thanks!
  3. The Ducks went through a similar phase last year but it wasn't the beginning of the season so it wasn't blown up like this. Firing Bruce would be a huge mistake, the numbers will average out and they'll still be a very good playoff team.
  4. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this.. it's not an arena ban, it's a premium club ban. They're just making it more enjoyable for their own fans in that area of their own arena. It's not like a Wings fan couldn't still come in either, they just wouldn't be able to have Wings apparel. This is a non-issue.
  5. The gold standard of hockey podcasts is Marek vs Wyshynski. That's Jeff Marek of Sportsnet and Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy i.e. Yahoo. It's very casual and intimate with the audience, they go in with a basic overview of stories/news to discuss as well as guests most often and then call the rest in the ring. And no annoying sponsor interruptions, they do it for free. They probably won't have one every weekday this season as in the past because Sportsnet has the national rights now which means Mr. Marek's schedule is a bit crazier. You can listen to it live and find it on iTunes, soundcloud, and any podcasting app. I also listen to HockeyCentral at Noon but it's very Leafs heavy most of the time. and Millard is a dolt, Marek once and a while steps in for him and the show is much better, and they also bring in other Sportsnet personalities when the main guys aren't available but it's usually Millard with Kypreos and Doug MacLean.
  6. No because it's possible two teams from our division are the wildcard (i.e. Wings and Leafs) or that the Wings finish in the last wildcard spot. Wings will get the Penguins if they finish in the 2nd wildcard because the best team in the East gets the worst wildcard regardless of division. In theory the Wings could come out of the Metropolitan Division to meet the Atlantic Division winner in the East Conference Final. I believe the BoG wants to address this next year so that teams stay in their divsion if possible (i.e. if it's not two wildcard teams from the same division).
  7. The bottom line is that the Habs winning increases the Wings chances of the playoffs, that's the most important thing, getting in the top 3 has been a long shot for a while now
  8. 3rd becomes a 2nd if the Wings make the playoffs according to Khan
  9. GDT

    A term that's always annoyed me; it's the winning team that get's the extra point not the losing team. There were always points for ties. (A 3 point for a regulation win system is almost certainly coming though)
  10. I'll trust NBC in 2013, the fact that he was the runner up for the Wild GM job a couple years ago, and the fact that TSN jumped at the opportunity to bring him back for their draft show this year as a greater judge of character than an article from 1994 which isn't even that incriminating: He wanted to win, hated losing, was confident in his ability, and was disliked by some players and personalities in the organization. WOAH
  11. Uhh wat.. Vancouver and Toronto... Absolutely more of a microscope than Detroit
  12. Yep 8pm EST confirmed by ESPN/NHL.com
  13. Very well done!
  14. I just completely blanked on the that one haha... Chara can move down the rotation as he gets older and less effective though, I'd stick with it and maybe work Dats in the same way on the bottom 6 somewhere. That'd work for sure, It's so hard to narrow it down to 12 forwards, perhaps a cap compliant team would make this easier as others have mentioned.