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  1. wow...imagine if we somehow signed Kovalchuk and Frolov. Kovy-Dats-Frolov.....
  2. hmmm...i wonder how Frolov would look on Datsyuk's wing...
  3. I would sign Gionta in heartbeat for around 2.5 million a season....but something tells me he'll be asking for a little bit more then that.
  4. Which team was better.. 08 Wings or 09 Pens.
  5. haha you know i thought i was the only one who couldn't stand her.... something about her voice just annoys the heck outta me and i did notice ho close she was to lidstroms face.
  6. What does winning the hart trophy have anything to do with making the playoffs or not?
  7. I don't know if any of you have read this or if this has been posted but i think this one of the best articles ive read all year... http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news;_ylt=AjdF...o&type=lgns
  8. Good i never liked him anyways, i hope him and Yashin enjoy playing with each other.
  9. Well i guess we can all look forward to this again next year.
  10. No thank you.
  11. 1. Alex Ovechkin 2. Nick Lidstrom 3. Sidney Crosby 4. Evgeni Malkin 5. Henrik Zetterberg 6. Jarome Iginla 7. Ilya Kovalchuk 8. Vinny Lecavalier 9. Roberto Luongo 10. Pavel Datsyuk
  12. Wow, Captain19 I love your signature, anyways, i think the well rested wings will win this one 4-1. Wings Franzen x2 Datsyuk x2 Stars Morrow
  13. If i had my own way i would get rid of Florida, Phoenix, Nashville and San jose. I don't think the state of Florida should have more then one hockey team, and i honeslty just don't like Phoenix or Nashville, The only reason i think San jose should be moved is because i don't like California having 3 teams and i would instead say anahiem but i also don't want any team thats won a Stanley cup to get moved, idk why.
  14. I think i like them both. lol
  15. They annoy me.