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  1. GDT

    Great win! Hopefully no injuries
  2. And also, Liv means Life in swedish. One ended and another starts.
  3. NHL better put in more refs so that they can play man-man.. jk
  4. gdt

    I godd no spith lepht in my mouth from screeming!
  5. Brony?
  6. I like what Ericsson did there. Finally showing somewhat of a rough side.
  7. I know I'm behind.. But go Helm!
  8. Commentators... talking about anything but hockey. Man... can't.. take.. this.. anymore...
  9. Thank you, Sir!
  10. Just found a proxy that makes you see the philly feed directly from their page. Use with port 3128 don't have to look at a re-streamed video via justin. Should be a little better quality.
  11. Does anyone have a justin.tv stream that's showing the game right now? All I've got is a stream promising to show the game at 7.30 which we´re past now.
  12. I guess that banner is there til the feed starts.
  13. And AM 1270 is not for my area either.. man... I someone just found a legit proxy with ip NHL deemed okay we could all use the live stream or radio..
  14. I guess this game is only via stream and only accessible in Michigan area, like last nights was only for Philly. What am one to do staying up late here in Sweden trying to be a fan Can anyone re-stream the wings stream once it starts? Or does anyone know of a Michigan proxy so you can fool NHL that your in Michigan? All help appreciated!