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  1. I would think he would want to have something done by the UFA interview period June 25th.
  2. You guys do realize mackinnon is pretty good and that was a laser shot right? Not sayings it's not possible to make the save but damn the goalie wars every time someone scores on us is ridiculous.
  3. GDT

    So they call that weak hook, but miss the obvious pick at the blueline on the caps pp and then jurco gets high sticked but nothing?!
  4. Thanks! Was getting tired of looking at kader.
  5. These breakout passes are just horrible. The forward's are constantly handed hot potatoes from the defense.
  6. GDT

    Pulkinnen just has nothing else to his game, I just cannot see him adapting and being successful in the NHL. Also tired of waiting for Smith to not suck, it was one thing when we didn't have any better options but there's this guy named Ouellet we have who may be a better option...
  7. But we wanted to get.... younger? Ugh, not a fan of this.
  8. Only time in recent years where I want the wings to just stand pat. Don't want to see Green with the money he will command and term. Cody Franson looked really weak in that Nashville lineup and hes also another case of getting stuck with big cash and term. Just doesn't seem worth it for a minimal upgrade.
  9. GDT

    I wish our last remaining games were against the west. Since it doesn't seem like we ever beat east teams anymore.
  10. We are such a spoiled fanbase, we do not deserve anything. I'm still proud of the team, but I think they may have overachieved some earlier and are now coming back down to earth.
  11. Pretty cool, been on lg for 9 years and seeing it get recognition is always nice.
  12. Yeah i'd like to see this link as well.
  13. Green, Ehrhoff(again), and Marc Staal. Most of the good forwards on the list most likely stay with their current teams. I think Bobby Ryan will make it to free agency, but hes gonna sign with the flyers.