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  1. I haven't really watched that series, can anyone comment, is it really this bad? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUinrGIqJHI&feature=youtu.be
  2. Pavel Datsyuk Penalty Shot Goal

    So I tried doing that and I can't even put the puck there while skating, forget about getting the shot off.
  3. Datsyuk: 3G + 1A

    Recent game of the European tournament between Russia and Czech Republic I miss his awesomeness...
  4. Are Russian players "really" lazy

    Seems like an unfair stereotype because of a couple of players. Who exactly are you talking about? Yashin?
  5. 2 Russians got drunk? No way!! Seriously though, shouldn't do that before a game, let alone a playoff game... definitely shows a total lack of commitment.
  6. Rinaldo Slewfoots Parise

    A "good Canadian boy" got ktfo'd by a soft Russian? Travesty!!
  7. The SuperSkills competition is an embarrassment

    a bunch of grumpy old men here.... the whole all star thing is for the kids. It's not all that bad. When I was a kid with no deal and had nothing better to do I was excited for it and watched it and thought it was pretty cool. It's not that it got worse now, it probably got ever better, but I just grew out of it.
  8. Datsyuk No 1 Pick for All Star

    Seriously?? Gaborik, Iginla, Kessel, Seguin, or how about Corey Perry?? I hope they do put Datsyuk and Perry on the same line, that would be interesting :!:
  9. A deke that Datsyuk has not even done..

    That #7 on D is probably from a "C" level beer league Sick goal though, I hope Datsyuk does try it and in a game too!
  10. World Juniors Tournament

    I saw a complete comeback like that a year ago in the final
  11. 2011 Local (RSN) Ratings

    I'd really like to know what Boston/NESN did to increase by almost 50%
  12. Daniel Briere: Suspended Three Games

    Wow, I never paid enough attention to realize what a ***** Briere actually is, I used to like the guy...
  13. Is the game TOO fast?

    Its a natural progression of the game and yes we love to blame the officials for everything. I used to referee myself and let me tell you its no easy task. Obviously it was at amateur level and the things moved so fast that sometimes I pretty much had to guess as to what happened and try to make it look like I knew what I was doing... Of course those guys are supposed to be professionals but I can see where they sometimes can't possible make the right call. Maybe they should employ a slomo replay system with the referee sitting there and looking at it and calling penalties that way? I think I would be for it.
  14. 2010 IIHF World Championship

    Russia has a stacked roster and should be able to take this one. Of course we all know how that turned out at the Olympics... Although I'm obviously a Russia fan I DO NOT WANT DATSYUK JOINING THEM, GO WIIIIIIIIINGS
  15. "I don't even want to think about it"

    He is a smart guy. If he thinks that he can't be a top player anymore he is going to retire. It's way classier to leave when you're at the top of your game, and we all know Nick is all about class. Unfortunately for us all his age is becoming a factor. Just think how many mistakes and giveaways ,uncharacteristic of him, you saw this playoff year. Too many for the Nick Lidstrom I'm used to seeing.