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  1. Hollands new contract a no brainer?

    Hello Redwings Fans, as I am as sad about the disastrous free agent period, I wanted to ask what you think about the upcoming contract talks for Holland. As I read a few weeks ago in an article about Babcocks contract talks, he answered that first Holland must re-sign. So, could this failure at this free agent period influence this? With whom does he negotiate, the Illitches? And, further hopeful thinking, what are the chances bringing Yzerman back? Such thing must probably be planned in advance, or has there been a case when a GM violated his contract? (Sorry for the punctuation lapse, although Holland resigning would be favorable)
  2. Red Wings looking at Roberts, Laperriere?

    In his article about possible trades, Allan Muir of Sportsillustrated mentions the Laperriere-deal too: "Colorado sends Ian Laperriere to Detroit for a second-rounder The Wings have plenty of options on their dysfunctional fourth line, but no one's stepping up and seizing jobs for the playoffs. Laperriere's a been-there, done-that warrior, a guy who should fit nicely into Detroit's culture on and off the ice. That seems like exactly the sort of guy Colorado should be keeping as they rebuild their floundering franchise, but the word around Denver is that he's as good as gone."
  3. Thank you, Matt

    Thank you very, very much, Matt! As a Red Wings Fan from Europe I am not able to watch the Wings play. But since I stubled across your website, I grew a bigger and bigger fan, because here it possible to get an impression of fan spirit in Hockeytown. Once again thanks to you and your team, Greetings to all Redwings Fans