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  1. Super Bowl XL

    Seattle really screwed up in the last minute. They should have just taken the field goal instead of killing time.
  2. Members photos

    Rest of the pets: Same cat in both pics. Dogs
  3. Members photos

    I can do cats.. Father and son. I also have a dog but its not worth a picture.
  4. Members photos

    hehe, that's for letting me peek through the window. but don't give away all the male secrets... women will have nothing to ***** about if we understand men too well maybe this is why i'm still single I'm single too. Wanna go out sometime? ^^ That's why you're still single. peace Don't ever call him Single NN. You know that he hangs out with Rosie Palms and Miss Michigan...
  5. Members photos

    If your 19 or 20 your not gonna be growing 3 more inches anytime soon. 5'9 isn't that bad I guess, as long as you don't get a girl thats 5'10 .
  6. Doug Weight to Detroit next year

    Why? One more time... Why? If we move Lang, then yes. If we have Lang, Datsyuk, Weight and Draper then I see no point. Weight doesn't bring anything more to the table then Datsyuk but he is less of a floater then Lang though.
  7. Members photos

    Dave Navarro...
  8. Members photos

  9. Sidney Crosby

    I voted for Selfish, which Ive never considered Lindros to be. Anyway, Crosby is talented but so was/is Daigle. Daigle had a pretty damn good rookie season with the Sens and then the pressure got to him and he floated off. Hes probably still top ten in the league skill wise but he doesn't play like it. The one thing that can save Crosby is Malkin. When he comes in next season your looking at one of the best 1-2 punches in the league. The Penguins would be crazy as hell to play the two of them seperatly, theres no point in having two premier centers on two different lines if you have AHL wing support.
  10. My speculation

    I agree with your point, but Luongo has never played a playoff game, so it's hard to tell what he'll do. I'm pretty certain he'll be amazing, but you never know. If all it took to get Luongo is Lang and Legace, they'de be long gone by now. It's gonna take something alot more than that. Good thing though is that he wants to play for a cup contender, which rules out a bunch of teams. Colorado will prolly make a pitch for him, and it would not suprise me to see the Nucks, Flyers, and Toronto, if they actually make it to the playoffs. Well basically its a lose lose situation for the Panthers. They can trade him now or lose him completely. Hes not gonna take any contract they put infront of him. I think it will come down to Detroit, Colorado and Ottawa. Detroit, potentially could put the best package together, Lang + Legace + a prospect. Colorado would probably move Tanguay and Aebischer. The Sens could be looking to move one of their big D man and Havlat. Who knows but Howard is too young and Legace isn't gonna get it done. Luongo could potentially put our team over the hump for years to come.
  11. My speculation

    Luongo is the most playoff ready goalie in the league next to Hasek and Brodeur. All the times you cringe when you hear "odd man rush" won't automatically result in a goal as it usually does with Legace and Osgood. Luongo has proven that he can stand on his head with a piss poor team, just imagine im on the Wings. The Panthers have already said publicly that they are looking for a top foward to replace Weiss, since hes injured. Trade Lang and Legace. It sounds a bit steap but think about it, would you rather have a garunteed Luongo under contract or wait for free agency, when a team like Columbus decides to spend and locks him up for years.