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  1. I miss this guy...

    My best freind's grandapa is a dog sled racer and is the reason Uwe got in deep s*** with the organization for racing sled dogs instead of playing. She has pics and everything. UWE..... What a douchebag!
  2. The Hockey News Top 50 current players

    Now don't get me wrong I love lidstrom but Crosby is arguably the Best player in the league. He is a one man army! LOL

    Love em! Best new jerseys yet!
  4. Why all the hate for Babcock?

    Dave lewis was soft. What would motivate a player more?: Lewis(in a soft voice) Um guys I don't mean to sound mean but you need to get to the front of the net. Your not playing hard enough. But if we lose pat yourselves on the back Babs: YOU STUIPID LAZY BASTARDS! GET THE F*CK OFF UR LAZY ASSES AND HIT SOMETHING! HIT EVERTHING THAT MOVES! GET TO THE FRONT OF THE NET OR I AM BENCHING EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU LAZY PEICES OF s***! Now I know that was a bit of an exaggeration but The point is, Mike babcock gets in ppl's faces. ANd in the world of hockey soft spoken coaches can't motivate their team the way scotty could or even babcock. I know it always motivated my team when our coach would scream at us. plus the soft aproach never worked.
  5. islanders new jerseys

    Yes I love the new pittsburg jeserys!
  6. islanders new jerseys

    I love em. but then again I have liked most of the new jerseys!
  7. Osgood Wants To Play Five More Years

    Umm new to the league? Where have you been. He's been playing sense 1999-00 season. So no he is not "NEW" the the league! Rookie Mistakes? Like what? And it wasn't a fluke
  8. Osgood Wants To Play Five More Years

    No one special? Are u crazy? Hmm let me ;ist a few goaltenders that take control of the game: Broduer, Truco, MILLER!!!, Luongo, Kipursoff, Gigure, Emery, Lundqvist, Nabok and Toskala(not quite proven himself but will !) Raycroft And MAYBE Cam Ward and I am sure there are quite a few backups in the league that should get honarable mention. So to prove my point most of the starters don't suck. because if they did they probably wouldn't start.(Yes I know there are exceptions, I.E. Dan cloutier in VAN a few years back) "Luongo may be said goalie that I'm looking for in a couple years, but as of now I'm not especially impressed." : Not impressed? he played for a s*** team(FLA and now VAN) and still remained one of the top goalies the league as far as stats wise. And if I recall a few year we played florida and luongo faced like 60 + shots and stopped like at least 59! so how is it that your not impressed "(Brodeur is a goalie from the last generation (Hasek is also). In addition to that Broduer is on the decline. Yes hes still a good goalie, but hes not going to be here for 5 more years (hes not on the Wings, am I right *nudge nudge*). Turco's win percentage is hovering around .500 somewhere, and has been a constant disappointment in the playoffs until last year, and even still they couldn't get past the first round)": Are u completley crazy? "Also I'm not going to give Giguere or Roloson credit for beating us in the playoffs. We beat ourselves by shooting 95% of all our shots directly into their pads and leaving our goalies out to hang in some crucial moments": But they still stopped us!!!!!"
  9. Forsberg

  10. New Standings Idea

    IMO the standings should be decided by division/conference wins. If the top two teams are tied for points at the end of the season, it should be decided by who has the better record. Exapmle: Say Detroit & Nashville are tied for the top spot in the west. And the season series went 6 games to 2 in favor of Detroit, detroit would get the 1st seed because they won more games
  11. So lets have some fun today.

    I actually meant to add the florida teams but forgot. They should be relocated to canada even if Tampa does have a cup.
  12. So lets have some fun today.

    This sounds kinda funny but I would love to see the original 6 a division! But considering the time zone issues that would never happen. What I would like to see happen: Move L.A., San Jose, Anaheim, Nashville, all to canadian cities.(It is a canadian sport after all!!!!!) I would also put detroit in the eastern conference or put toronto in the west(I prefer det. to the east so we could play the other 4 origianls 6 teams) I would scrap the WHL because of the simple fact it folded. To be a bit off subject: As far as our schedule goes I would like to see the inner division games lowered to 6 a year instead of eight. Those eight remaining would be scheduled for original six teams. So to clear the confusion up: 6 games played against each team in our division and 2 games apeice against N.Y.R, TOR, BOS and MTL
  13. Fedorov

    Geez I didn't mean to cause such an uproar. And actually I ment this to be a response to the Forsberg vs Fedorov thread but goofed. Sorry
  14. Fedorov

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!