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  1. Roster Prediction Thread

    Dats-Hank-Homer Franzen-Flip-Huds Cleary-Draper-Kopecky Leino-Helm-Maltby d-mac Lids-Raf Kronner-Stuart Lebda-Ericsson cheli i dont really know how i feel about lebda staying for next year. But it seems that babs and the management seemed to like his performance in the playoffs....especially in the finals series. Though, as much as i hate to say it, i dont think cheli can cut it as a top 6 d-man in the league anymore...other than for a leadership role i dont think he is more useful than lebda or lilja would be.
  2. Holland to offer DMac a contract

    i just hope he isnt consistently in the starting 12.... we have younger...better players that could fill the role that he will provide...though i do think hed be great as a 13th or 14th forward i'd like the lines to look something along the lines of this.... dats-z-homer flip-franzen-huds malts-drapes-cleary helm-abdelkader-leino kopecky d-mac
  3. 2 Questions

    i believe the cup stays in the HoF in toronto during the regular season. this is the same cup that was used 20 years ago etc. The cup has rings, when a ring is filled up with names it moves ??up or down?? the cup where a new ring is set in. The oldest ring on the cup is then removed and i believe that ring is also stored somewhere in the HoF. Hank doesnt get to keep the conn smythe either. same deal as the cup. unless i am mistaken the main difference between a UFA and an RFA is this...if a player is a RFA and signs with a different team than that which he had been playing with. The team that signs him would have to compensate his former team i.e. give up draft picks. A UFA can sign with any team and that team would not have to give compensation to his old team...the compensation then comes from the league. i know there is a lot more to it than that...but thats the jist...
  4. Thoughts on Joanette, Watson

    great job by the refs last night. i liked that they didnt let all this cheap shot crap go on. i.e. scrums after the whistle
  5. Trading the Hockeytown title

    thatll never happen. glad to see that the mayor of the town is just as big of a fool as half of the teams fans.
  6. Johan Franzen

    wow did you ever just make a lot of enemies with this post....so....europeans arent as passionate about the game as...what....canadians? thats a crock of s*** and im REALLY sick of hearing it. franzen has a HEAD INJURY. like a previous member said...its not like its a foot or hand injury...if he has something seriously wrong with his brain he could die on the ice. even if he wanted to play and possibly risk his life the coaches and staff wont let him on the ice without the OK from the doctors. its as simple as that. dont criticize his passion or want to win because of this. it makes you sound like a fool. take some time and think before you make such an ignorant thread.
  7. Franzen Out For The Season

    key point. this is BS big time. i assume he'll be back for game one.
  8. Top 10 players in the world today

  9. Helm, 43

    i dont think kopecky is a lock for top 12 next year....i dont think he has ever looked any better than helm has since his call up.
  10. Fine Turco!

    believe me i hate the guy just as much as the next time...but i rewound that and it looked like sammy just ran into his stick.... maybe im wrong but thats how i saw it.
  11. What should we do about Maltby?

    have you watched the games? do you see how much chemistry this fourth line has? there is absolutely no reason for them to break that line up.
  12. No Octopi Matter

    lmao well said my friend. this topic infuriates me to no end. was that video of Al swirling the octopus after the national anthem before bettman "cracked down on the matter"?
  13. The Let's Hear it for Datsyuk Thread!

    its not 2006, its 2008. live in the now. hes the best player on the team, give him some credit for it.
  14. Mini Miika

    that was just wierd. its good to love the game and everything. but thats borderline mental
  15. TooToo whistle

    in a way its sort of a good thing. by hearing that annoying whistle everytime that moron is on the ice our skill players know when they need to watch their backs a little bit more.