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  1. I think the Wings will be fine in the East. I dislike that they have an additional team in the East compared to the West but as far as toughness is concerned it will not be a problem. The Wings matched up against the more physical teams over the years and typically out skilled them after they took stupid penalties against them. Besides the a central division had teams like the Blues, Predators and BJ's that wanted to kill the Wings but we still dominated them over the years. Some of you guys need to sack up and stop being sooooo scared!
  2. Awesome news! Great to have him back chipping in on the 3rd/4th line.
  3. I don't comment too often but had to chime in on this one. To the guy calling Bombay a "troll" is ridiculous. I feel that he came up with some respectful and well thought out comments about his team. You must be a "troll" yourself being on this forum waiting to chew someone out. Anyways, I think the Hawks will still have a competitive team, but I do enjoy the fact that there having to give up almost half of there cup winning team. What they are getting in return is pretty substantial. Especially with the fact that the whole league new they'd be unloading a ton of players, so to be receiving in return top prospects, and 1st round draft picks is unbelievable. I still think as a whole the Wings have a much better roster on paper, but we'll have to wait and see what happens this season.
  4. Gonchar 5.5 Mil/3 years to Ottawa. from Darren Dreger
  5. Go Wings! Big game 7 tomorrow, and I hope they come out with intensity, and strong defense.
  6. Did anyone else hear Mike Babcock say that the Wings were going to practice today at the Taylor Sportsplex?
  7. Sorry Val, I was wrong about you too. I don't want you to be traded anymore.
  8. Alot of people hate Versus, but I personally really like the coverage and don't mind the announcers too much either. That guy said the word, "Dangleicious" last night and I cracked a smile. NBC is awful.
  9. I like how this guy thinks he's the Ken Holland of LGW. Everybody has an opinion and just because someone thinks Filppula could be traded does not make them not know as much about hockey as you.
  10. Good points. I agree too with Flip not being needed because we have 2 legitimate centers with Z, and Dats. I really think trading Filppula is a strong option and I do believe the return could be a scoring winger, which is obviously what we need. Never thought I would miss Hudler sooooo much!
  11. Trading Fil right now could work and Florida did say that everyone is on the block. If you are including some draft picks this could actually work. They both have similar salaries too.
  12. Trade Filppula and a 2nd Rd pick for Horton? Release May & Lebda. Get it done Kenny!
  13. I don't post much but I find it funny how some "fans" of the Red Wings feel they know more than Ken Holland, Jimmy Devallano, and Mike Babcock. The bottom line is the Wings are having a bad year, but not because of the team but more so the current roster this year. Due to injuries, loss of key players and a ton of games played the past 3-4 years. For some guys to suggest blowing up the whole team and getting rid of Babcock is ridiculous and shows that you are a bandwagon fan who doesn't really know much about the ups and downs of a hockey team.
  14. Homer was very noticeable last night, hustling to every puck and making good heads up plays. I hope he continues to play with this enthusiasm every night.
  15. Datsyuk-Zetterberg-Eaves Franzen-Filppula-Bertuzzi Cleary-Helm-Williams Maltby-Draper-Holmstrom I wanna see a "Best Friends Forever" line!!! B.F.F.