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  1. Sounds great to me. Sign all 3 and bring them to North America. The griffins can use some help.
  2. Sounds like Holmstrom's really close to returning plus they sent Meech to the Griffins for a couple of weeks.
  3. Maybe it was the Hernia??? Possibly all the personal problems he had maybe?? He was bought out because they had to get under the cap. I'll bet if it wasn't for that he would've still been in Detroit.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if he does well in Flint if he signs with the Griffins.
  5. For those of you interested Darren will be signing autographs at Perani arena before the game and during the first intermision. Autographs are free but you obviously have to buy a ticket to get inside.He''ll probably suit up next weekend.
  6. I'd take him over Lilja any day.
  7. The Mullet will change his opinion within a week.
  9. WJC

    Emmerton was sent home due to Mono. Joakim Andersson is playing for Sweden and Pyett for Canada.
  10. Draper is still out
  11. Too bad Mursak couldn't have been traded also.
  12. He's doing a private signing for Frozen Pond
  13. By not giving up 4 goals in a game.
  14. Brown just signed a 6 year extention and isn't going anywhere.
  15. Comcast local is more worried about showing Indiana High School Football than Griffins games.