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    Legwand to Detroit for Eaves, Jarnkrok + cond 3rd/2nd

    I rest my case. Fleishcmaann and mathias arent special and quicey was waived.
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    Legwand to Detroit for Eaves, Jarnkrok + cond 3rd/2nd

    name the prospect that holland traded that turned into anything special
  4. bogeygolfer

    Trade deadline fast approaching - who should we target?

    A top 4 defencemen, the wings have plenty of forwards to move. Obviously LGWs totally overvalues our s*** but players like andersson or tartar have value.
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    Nucks vs Flames

    its amazing how many goons both these teams have, Hartley shouldnt be allowed to start a goon line. (Shouldnt be allowed to have goons period). Especially after what happening in Buffalo with kessel what was torts suppose to do? He was right to throw a fit because his team is actually playing for a playoff position while the flames are absolutely terrible.
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    Lines Thread

    mostly injuries, the fact they scratched him over emmerton is significant
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    The Nyquist/Tatar Thread

    a lot of critism of how the team developed these guys, but you cant argue with results. These guys are top like players while cleary and sammy are getting scratched.
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    CBC partners with Rogers in landmark NHL rights deal.

    they've never been a national broadcaster before, those are only regional productions. Its like apples and oranges
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    CBC partners with Rogers in landmark NHL rights deal.

    I dont understand why everyone really cares, I mean it looks like between city and CBC there are going to be more or the same amount of over the air games atleast for the next 4 years. And with all the extra content sportsnet is going to need hire more on air talent, probably going to scoop up a lot of the people who are layed of from CBC/tsn. Don Cherry has been doing grapeline with sportsnet the fan 590 for 30 years, I sure they'd sign him if he was interested. There is also been some speculation from guys like john shannon that since rogers now has control of gamecentre, you could see them offer specific team packages.
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    Cleary in, Tatar out against Caps

    people are so quick to judge
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    What would you do?...

    you cant circumvent the cap by giving away draft picks to have teams take your crappy players
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    Patrick Eaves on Waivers

    its not fantasy sports, it doesnt work that way
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    Tootoo Waived

    People talk like they are experts, then I expect they act like experts. i.e. know the waiver rules.
  14. bogeygolfer

    Tootoo Waived

    Why cant people get this thru their heads, Sammuelson cannot we waived, sinces his a veteran on a multi-year his cap relief is only 100k. He is far more valuable as the 23rd man with a cap hit of essentially 100k. They tried to buy him out but he was injured, unfortunate circumstance. The guy being sent down has to be someone who doesnt dress every night, and thats leaves Eaves or Tootoo. When Everyone is healthy that means Eaves will probably get cut too.
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    Larry Murphy Fired by FSD

    you have realize that all you redmond/murphy lovers are super homer fans. I mean you all frequent red wings message boards. I honestly could care less about their stupid 'back in my day' stories, the rediculous homerisms. The lack of objectivism, both LOVE fighting, the hatred of all penalties that meant to protect players (even when 10% of the NHL is injured). It'd be nice to have someone on the telecast with an opposite opinion, a little bit of devils advocate. I never disliked either of them, but they are both not great broadcasters. FSD probably thought it would be better to keep one rambling former player, and then try to get someone more professional, someone with opposing opinions. Clearly redmond is the better of two. I watch a lot of tsn, sportsnet and CBC. And all those telecasts blow what FSD throws out there.
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    Larry Murphy Fired by FSD

    Him and redmond both suck, itd be nice to have a smart hockey person in the both
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    Sal Galatioto Predicts NHL Cap & Floor Dropping

    basically the new CBA will be a lot like the last one, the framework is already there. I could see more revenue sharing to protect the bad teams and thus protect union jobs. In exchange the cap might come down, but I could also see the cap floor dropping and the cap ceiling staying where it is. The union wont like that, no one wants to be on one of the cap floor teams. So maybe the players agree to cut revenues from 57% to 53%? Who knows. I can also see the cap floor rules enforced for stringently, more money for rookies, maximum years on contracts, deal structuring rules etc. I predict well lose a month of the season, maybe less.
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    Six teams on Nash's trade "list", none Canadian

    people on this board are the just the worst kind of homers filpulla is a UFA next year and he's viewed by management as part of the teams core. So basically he's 100% more valuable to this team than to any other. Franzen is only valuable to teams that are in win now mode. Players who figure to be healthy scratches this year DO NOT have much value. The Wings package for any player would basically be picks or youngish prospects and maybe a guy or two like Tatar. Of the current roster the only guy I could see being enticing to the BJs would be Helm and Abdelkator. The funny thing is our strongest trade chips are on defence, the wings need to keep them of-coarse, but its ironic when you read all the dome and gloom on these boards.
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    Dear Mr. Holland: Forget about FA, trade for Yandle and Ryan

    why do people always mess with the fonts, this is too small to read flip is also a year away from free agency, a good trade piece might be helm.
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    Optimism, chill people. we have options

    They use this season to let some of the young dmen play in the higher level situations and see who's got the chops. And then sign Weber next july 1st. anyone who's mad a holland for not already having lidstroms replacement is a fool, wings have always tried to trade for whichever big defencemen where avialable. The wings just didnt have the devin setogouchi types laying around.
  21. bogeygolfer

    We Need to Trade

    why does everyone suggest the wings trade franzen? The guy signed a team friendly deal to stay with the wings and deserves to stay. What would that say to the rest of league about how the wings treat their players?The guy has barely any trade value, maybe equal to a first round pick, MAYBE Everyone is upset because two big free agents went to a team for more money. So you want the wings to be labelled another 'philly'? A team that disrespects its players? The same goes for cleary, he has a NTC and he took far less money to re-sign in detroit, There will be free agents every july 1st and aslong as detroit keeps doing what its doing, they will be a contender every year.
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    Ryan Suter agrees to 13-year, $98-mil deal with Wild

    as much as I wanted the wings to sign them, niether parise nor suter are top 30 players in the league. The wild are paying them like they are top 5 players. That is not a recipe for success. these contract will look terrible in a few years and they wont have the option to eat that salary like detroit would. They arent able to insure them properly, so if either gets injured they might get cap relief but their salaries will still eat into their payroll.
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    Quebec culture minister upset at Habs

    Like I said, montreal is bilingual, but the rest of the province is not. I'd say at least a majority would be unable to understand an interview in english. They also would be unable to read quotes in the newspaper, things are lost in translation... If scotty bowman was expected to learn french, then its not unreasonable for this bum to learn too.
  24. bogeygolfer

    Quebec culture minister upset at Habs

    What you americans arent understanding is that Quebec is a majority french province who have been striving for decades to preserve their language. The canadiens are a major symbol of the french people, they have sport shows where all they talk about is the habs. Now they have a teams with like zero french players of any significance, an owner who never talks to the media, a gm who never talks to the media, and now an entire coaching staff that can't speak french. Jacque Martin literally did all the interviews for that team. I know that montreal is pretty bilingual, but the entire province is habs crazy. 90% of the fans are french. So who will now be the spokesman for the team? Could you imagine how pissed you'd be if the no one froms the wings where ever avialable for interviews? now multiply that by 10. Thats how they feel, its totally understandable they atleast dont have an assistant coach who can speak french. Is that too much to ask?