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  1. 12/29 GDT - Red Wings 2 at Bruins 5

    I dont know about all the Babcock is the best coach stuff. The Abby love is ridiculous. No way should Abby EVER see the top 6 or P.P. He was on Dats line before Dats got injured and Dats wasn't doing anything. Then he got hurt, they moved Abby to Z's line. Then Z was invisible.Dats comes back, not on line with Abby, and Dats is on fire. The guy has NO hands and can not think the game fast enough to play with skilled play makers like Z and Dats. Abby is a checker and P.K. And why isn't this team ready to play a lot of nights? Don't play a full 60 min. I don't think it's the players fault we don't score many goals. How many goals did team Canada score under Babcock? ( with the greatest players in the world) We can't win many 1-0 or 2-1 games with this horrible defence and mediocre goaltending. NOT saying Babcock is terrible, just not so sure he's as great as everyone says.Very stubborn, and he thinks he's a genius. ( just the vibe i get when i hear him talk) j.m.h.o. Happy Holidays all...... Go Wings !!!!!
  2. Shanahan seeking a 2-yr deal at $5M/season

    It's only considered a funk if normally you are good ,but right now you are not. Holland never was good. Illich's wallet was good. Resign Lilja and Sam????????????????????? Before we got to see their playoff ability??????????? But I'm sure Babcock had an influence on resigning them two bumbs. Does anyone know what Gagne is asking for? Would much rather they invest that 4 mill into him.
  3. Eklund: Biron could get traded to the Wings

    Who is the best penalty killer we have? Yup, Draper. In this " new" nhl, penalty killers are very important. But thats about all he does well.
  4. trade proposal

    If Witt makes more than 800,000 then we are out of luck. But I think we have one of the best defensive core in the league. If not the best. If the game is called in the playoffs as it has been all year, A goon is just gonna hurt us. Not saying Witt is a goon. I think what we need is Mac back. ( or someone like ) And teach that big sissy Lilja how to check.