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  1. andyinsdca


  2. I'm thinking about flying out to Buffalo on 2Dec for the Wings game at Buffalo. Any Wings fans in Buffalo? Or will I be the only one sporting the Winged Wheel?
  3. andyinsdca

    Custom shirts: Viva la Octolution!

    Kickass! I'd buy one!
  4. andyinsdca

    RWNW - Wings @ Ducks, 2Mar

    Meeting at Danny K's before the game! Danny K's is a 10 min walk from the Ponda and has free parking, so you can park there for free, pre-game and then head over! See you there!
  5. andyinsdca

    RWNW - Wings/Ducks

    I'll be there!
  6. andyinsdca

    RWNW: Wings/Ducks 2/3/10 @7pm

    I doubt I can make JT's but I will be there for the game! (buying a ticket tomorrow)
  7. andyinsdca

    RWNW Interest for Saturday 10/3 Sweden opener

    ZOMG! I'll be there!
  8. andyinsdca

    RW Schedule in text format

    Hello all, I've put the Wings schedule into tab-delimited text format for importing into Outlook (or whatever). Since I'm lazy, there's no end time. It's at To use this, go to the webpage and right-click the link on the page and save the text file. In Outlook (2007), go to File and select Import & Export Select "Import from another program or file" and select "Tab separated files (Windows)" Browse to where the text file was saved and select the file. Select calendar as the destination for importing Map the fields this way: Date to Start Date, Game to Subject and Time to Start Time and then click OK/finish. The times are Eastern times; if you're in a different time zone, then change your PC's time zone to Eastern and then do the import then go back to your real time zone. Use this at your own risk, no guarantee or warranty is provided. Offer not valid in all 50 states. Do not take with alcohol.
  9. andyinsdca

    RWNW PROSPECTIVE: Games 1 and 2 (SCF)

    Both games. I think doing 1 at a bar and another at the White House is cool. Heck, I'll even stay up in OC Sat nite so I don't have to drive!
  10. andyinsdca

    RWNW: Game 4 Wings/Hawks Sunday, May 24th

    I'll be there!
  11. andyinsdca

    RWNW: Round 1 Game 2 GATHERING

    I will be there, but late, probably around 3:30 or so. I'm getting ready to play in a national paddleball (like raqcuetball) tournament on the following weekend (24-26th) and need more court time. I'll be done around 2:30ish, so as soon as I shower, I'll drive straight up there.
  12. andyinsdca

    Hilarious interview with Datsyuk

    You have to imagine him answering in his thick Russian accent: "I truss my eye to Doktor Ramadi, you should too"
  13. andyinsdca

    Hilarious interview with Datsyuk

    Puck Daddy should be in your RSS feed for the great hockey articles that he/they this interview with Pavel that's a scream.,155003
  14. andyinsdca

    RWN HQ Playoff Party

    Nah, it's the can get anything you want!
  15. andyinsdca

    RWN HQ Playoff Party

    Good deal! I'll get some Better Made potato chips, Vernors (and some Faygo if I can), Stroh's beer (if I can).