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  1. selanne looking for a February comeback

    My fantasy team could sure use the boost. I drafted him in the last round and stashed him on my bench for just this occasion. I am all for it.
  2. Chelios on McCarty: Maybe GR, Then The Wings

    I have always been a big fan of Darren's. I took my 3 year old son to an autograph signing of his a few years ago and he took the time to give my son some attention instead of just rushing us through the line as quickly as possible. To this day my son's favorite player is Darren McCarty. That being said, I think Darren's best days are way, way behind him. But, like someone else mentioned, if Joey Kocur can do something like this, I do not see why Mac can't pull it off if he works hard. Good luck to him.
  3. Wings acquire D Cory Cross from Penguins

    Gee, ya think maybe Carolina knows that and needs that too? Ward is an important player for THEIR Cup run also. Do some of you think Holland just waves a wand and picks players up?
  4. Wings acquire D Cory Cross from Penguins

    Do you guys think that Holland DIDNT try to make a bigger move? Both teams have to agree to the deal. Maybe Holland did want Luckowich, but for some reason Milbury decided to make the NJ deal. Maybe Holland did try for Simpson, but Chicago thought the Montreal pick would be better? Those are the only 2 trades that I can see that would have been a good choice for the Wings. Every other team that picked up a defensman today had to overpay for them. I, for one, am glad that Holland didnt give anyone a 1st or 2nd for the likes of Carney, Weinrich, etc, etc.... Awful lot of 2nd guessing of one of the better GM's in the league. I guess we all forgot about how he has kept this team atop the NHL despite having his payroll cut in HALF. What a bum.
  5. Wings acquire D Cory Cross from Penguins

    Too much frickin whining going on around here. Holland and Babcock said they wouldnt do much other than add a depth defensman. Cross is a depth defensman. Get over it already.
  6. Wings acquire D Cory Cross from Penguins

    Probably???? Kronwall is in our top 4 now. He wont be sitting come playoff time. The only players who need to worry about playing time are Woolley, Lebda and possibly Lilja.
  7. Wings acquire D Cory Cross from Penguins

    Its basically Rivers for Cross. The Wings traded a 4th rounder to get Cross, but then they recieved a pick in the Rivers deal. Cross is better than Rivers. I am happier with Cross at the 6-7 spot then I would be with Rivers. I dont think we expected much, and thats exactly what we got. Not much.
  8. Tyson Nash a Wing?

    Ken Kal and Paul Woods discussed Nash possibly being dealt to the Wings last night also. Which leads me to believe that the Yotes guys were talking to the Wings guys about it, thus...it becomes a rumor. Woods and Kal both agreed that Nash is NOT the kind of player the Wings are looking to add. And I concur.
  9. Chelios to the Canadiens?

    Do you realize what an idiot you sound like? I am just curious if you actually know how dumb you sound on a daily basis?
  10. Chelios to the Canadiens?

    There is zero chance of this happening. All you have to do is listen to Chelios these days. He is playing to win cups and he loves playing for the Wings. He has also had a resurgence this season and the Wings wouldnt trade him at this point. I mean, what kind of return does a 44 year old defensman get? Not much. So it makes no sense for the Wings to trade him.
  11. Wings scouting Calgary Flames

    Plus, the Wings are not short on these type of defensmen. The Wings, if anything, need a physical intimidating presence on the blueline. And Leopold does not fill that role...not even close. No thanks.
  12. Kenny Jönsson enters the market

    I am just telling ya what I read. His age was brought up in the discussion, and people were still pretty certain that he would have to clear waivers from the Islanders to sign with another team. Obviously, I dont know all the specifics.
  13. If I We're GM

    You sorta lost me after "Trade Lang...." I just dont see it happening. The Rangers have a number of Czech players who have great chemistry with Jagr, so there really isnt a need for them to add Lang. We have all gone over Lang proposals for months now. And I think the reality is that its not going to happen. Other than Calgary and maybe Ottawa, all the playoff bound teams are fairly set at center. Holland wont trade Lang to Calgary, thats for sure. And Ottawa needs to clear money to sign all of their impending free agents. Taking on a salary like Langs makes no sense for them. Sure, they could trade him in the offseason, but then he is nothing more than a rental for them. And in that case, they wont give up anything of value to the Wings in exchange for him. I keep reading Lang for Havlat. And thats rediculous. Lang is here to stay, and I have said that all year. Sure, I wouldnt be against trading him if the Wings got a GOOD player in return who could really help the team. But things are different these days and its harder for GM's to make moves like this.
  14. olli jokinen

    Florida wouldnt take Lang. Which means it would cost the Wings about 3-4 good prospects and/or picks to get him. No thanks.
  15. Kenny Jönsson enters the market

    I guess from everything I have read, Jonsson is RFA from the Islanders. Everyone over at HF is saying he would have to clear waivers to sign anywhere and the Isles would have to allow him to leave.