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  1. Former Red Wing Pit Martin presumed dead

    Sad news: http://sportsreviewmagazine.com/index.php?...Itemid=88888936
  2. Blog From the Past

    Thank you so much for posting this link. I thoroughly enjoyed this blogger's writeup. I love watching vintage games and as I'm doing so I'm always thinking of how what I'm seeing and hearing compares to the current--both on the ice and in the coverage of the game. I don't have a current Red Wings media guide but I believe this 1971 game against the Leafs is still the franchise record for goals allowed. The game where the Wings scored the most goals was in 1944 when they completely routed the Rangers, 15-0, at Olympia.
  3. Gordie Howe sues 2 former associates

    Kind of like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-XpGy4zJYE
  4. New Spam-Prevention Initiative

  5. Potential New Arena Discussion

    Whoa! Such blasphemous talk. You best explain what your second, third and fourthhand sources had to tell you as to Olympia's supposed issues.
  6. FSN Not covering any more games?!?!

    I had concast at one time because they were the only game in town. And they acted like it--poor service, poor channel selection, overall bad quality. When WOW came in I jumped immediately. I'll never go back to concast, Versus or not. I don't blame WOW for not picking up Versus, at least as part of their regular packages--why support a competitor? Yes, I could go to a bar or a friend's to watch the game but frankly I refuse. This is dumb. The "new" NHL is clueless on the TV front. I'm not going to get upset about it...I'll just watch some old games (1960s and 70s) I have on DVD that I've yet to watch.
  7. White Jerseys at Home

    I like the red uniforms better than the whites but would like to see the latter at home. That way you can better see the variety of colors of the opponents' uniforms.
  8. Peguins Declare Impasse in Arena Talks...

    Why blame Mario? He's been trying to get a new arena for YEARS. Blame the idiot governor and local officials. See this link--very few Mario bashers from those closer to the situation: http://bwi.rivals.com/showmsg.asp?fid=36&a...751&style=1
  9. JLA Crowd Lifeless?

    OK, I'll defer to you assuming you were at the game. Perhaps FSD toned down their mikes then as it certainly sounded quite on the telecast.
  10. JLA Crowd Lifeless?

    Then why is it that when I watch games from other arenas on TV the crowd appears so much louder? Do other networks have more mikes than say FSD? I doubt it. And so your family members were busy yacking on a cell phone at a game? That is rather telling. I at least somewhat disagree with that...for example, in the first period Dom made two big saves in rapid succession and the crowd's reaction? Not much more than a murmur.
  11. JLA Crowd Lifeless?

    This probably isn't a new topic but in watching last night's game on TV, I couldn't help but notice once again how lifeless, even dead, the crowd was. For those that attend games in person on a regular basis, is this normal? I even heard a caller on XM 204 about a week ago, a visitor from out of town, who said that Wings fans don't even bother to get out of their seats for a goal. How can this be? Have the Wings become just the "same old, same old" in terms of the JLA crowd? For someone who has lived through many years of bad hockey in Detroit I find this apparent disinterest discouraging (read some fans are spoiled brats). And I don't buy the argument that there is no or severly reduced interest in the team because Steve Yzerman is no longer on the team. Hey, if you don't want to do your "duty" as a fan, give your tickets to someone who does care. I'll step off my soapbox now.
  12. Wanted: OLYMPIA STADIUM Photos

    Any era, interior (especially) and exterior. I am familiar with those photos that regularly appear on e-bay and I have both of Bob Wimmer's books so no need to call those to my attention. Thank you in advance. Jeff