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  1. Anyway what's the odds Frk gets to play at the Joe Tuesday and gets on the scoresheet? You just know that's going to happen
  2. I just suggested the change tongue in cheek as I think we are after Fowler now and Trouba when he's a UFA , no other reason. People sure do take things seriously on here eh? Anyway Sproul is going to save Kennys face by being a stud when he gets in.
  3. I think the topic of the thread should be changed to the Cam Fowler watch.
  4. Ok , so we predicted where our main problem would be this year on the blue line. Yes Kronner will be back but I'm not overly confident that he will see the year out before he's laid low by another injury, unfortunately he is also on the downward spiral in his career. So is there any player in the system who could make us better? Russo is a very interesting option in my view, apart from Renouf who is injured we don't have much else.The trade route looks the only option to improve the roster this season. Trouba? Pipe dream really we haven't got or are willing to give up what the Jets want for him, Fowler is all about salary dump for the Ducks and unless we offload roster players this isn't likely to happen either. So is there anyway to land one of them or with some great juggling maybe capture both? My suggestion is thus, the Jets need something in return and they've said a like for like LH shooting D. Well I've also heard they aren't happy with their nm situ. So we offer up Mrazek and a sweetener of Ouellet and I would feel this would be an offer too good for them to refuse, yes XO isn't a like for like but the offer of Mrazek is the dealer. Coreau then gets called up to split duties with Howard. I feel Jared is going to be our Bishop down the line. Kenny then rings the Ducks and offers them Tatar Smith and a 1st in 2018 for Fowler and Stoner. This gives them the wiggle room to reup Lindholm and a scoring winger they are after plus a serviceable Exp D in Smith to replace Stoner. Wings then place Miller Ericsson and Ott on waivers, place Kronwall on LTIR. Then call up Mantha Bertuzzi to replace the waiver players. Wings now look this. AA Nielson Abdelkader Zetterberg Larkin Mantha Vanek Helm Nyqvist Bertuzzi Glendening Sheahan Jurco Touba DeKeyser Fowler Green Stoner Marchenko Sproul Howard Careau
  5. Well the Griffs are 2-0 now , Mantha and Svech on scoresheet the Russo kid with a 2 point game so all looking sunny in Griffland with Mr Nelson so far.
  6. I guess on the positive side we scored 4 against one of the elite sides in the league, and weren't outshot by much.
  7. Good luck to the boys tonight, I'm on the night shift over here in Blighty but ill be listening in to the game I'm hoping we can grab a point in ot.
  8. AA made the roster to take Helms place when he goes to the Jets in the Trouba trade. They haven't picked him to sit in the press box can't people see this ?
  9. Andy Pred 48

  10. For all our worries going into the season on D my biggest fear is that Kronner may be done, and we will be in the mire on the back end if he is. Too many injuries lately and I fear they are catching up with him.
  11. Can't wait to see what they call the Nosek Ott and Bertuzzi line
  12. Fowler will be a Wing before Trouba is
  13. 8pts for the Wings 4th line
  14. Holland didn't need that deal to look dumb, just look at his recent resignings and that's proof enough, he's been overpaying for years.
  15. Smith Helm Russo Mantha and a 2nd for Trouba & Connor