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  1. Makes you wonder why the Leafs grabbed him off us. 9 games into his Toronto career and he's a healthy scratch for the ninth time!!
  2. a dozen plus scouts booked in for todays game, 2 defeats this weekend see's Kenny face upto the obvious facts and maybe the sale starts?
  3. Has AA had his skates sharpened today? The guy fell twice in Five seconds
  4. 4 games out of either wild card and 3rd in Atlantic. We play the 2nd best team overall today, can't see us getting anything from that. The sale could begin as early as this coming Wednesday.
  5. Scotty would have sat his ass!
  6. Losing tonight in Minny should start the firesale right?
  7. I would say the Griffins want him back at the Joe asap, didn't do them any favours in his rehab game !!
  8. He wasn't competing for a place against Sproul, Sproul has to beat out a top 4 guy which Marchy wasn't.
  9. Another winner by Kenny, keep losing players for nothing and the roster gets fuller with over the hill vets, I'm glad Marchy got picked up one of a few actual plus players this year, but this roster crunch is all down to Kenny not having the minerals to cut ties with players that need to go. Im afraid he's a dumb captain that's going down with his ship, unless Mr I does what is needed and clears office to start afresh.
  10. 9 points out of both the wild card and divisional spot, time to stick a fork in it and see what we can get back in trades, this payroll has got to be trimmed one way or another but can Kenny do it?
  11. Hi Christian, Bjorn wore the #25 jersey in his only game for the Redwings. Other than that there may be some old photos of him on the web, not sure about him in his Redwing uniform thou, Maybe there is one of him in his old Kansas City Redwings uniform. I hope you find the information your looking for regards Andy.
  12. I'm assuming that for the first time in years that the wings will be sellers at this coming trade deadline. I was looking at the FA list and one name that stood out was Ekblad, is he a RFA or UFA this year? Depending on who we let go or trade there are some interesting names that could be available. I didn't see any really stand out guys except Aaron, so to get that top guy will be trading for. Going over seas I'd throw a contract offer to Jan Kovar in the K, solid 2 way centre with size. The other C the Wings were looking at a few years back, Fyodor Malykhin seems to be back on track in the K this year after a couple of years struggling with injuries wether we still have an interest I'm not sure. Back home how about sounding out the Isle for Tavares ? The Isle need goaltending, maybe offer them a choice of Howard or Mrazek , Nyqvist or Tatar, Helm and a pick , I don't know what it need to get him thou but we need that top end C. Going with Tavares Neilsen Zetterberg and Noesek as our 4 centres next year I'd be more comfortable with, than what we have at present. On the backend Shattenkirk looks like an option via FA with Fowler as a trade option as our needed #1 D but are they that level? Well one thing is for sure we don't currently have one and none in the pipeline, plenty 2/3 guys but not that top guy. Depending on which D we let go or trade away will no doubt dictate who we look at brining in, but we need some snarl with size back there, and either Zadorov , Oleksiak or Trymakin would fit the bill. But saying all that we'll probably win 6 in a row and Kenny will think we can get in again and have a shot at it and sign some more old vets for a push at Stanley !
  13. What Kenny is failing to realise or is just ignoring concrete facts is that he is adamant that he's rebuilding on the fly and will not blow up the roster. Well yes Kenny you can do that when you have half a dozen or so solid and top end vets to bring them thru whilst still being able to challenge for the cup. This current roster has maybe 3 at max , and that is pushing it. We don't have a Lids or Chelli or Raffa on the back end and really up front only Z is showing up regularly and he's starting on the downward path of his career. Kenny is too stubborn to admit he needs to rethink his strategy and the backroom staff seem unable or unwilling to rock his little boat. Time for some front office changes as we are getting left behind at an alarming rate by the majority of the league.