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  1. been saying that for at least two years went pitt. said they had him on the blocks
  2. If you try to send Quincy down you lose him because he's out chances
  3. And they'll sign Larsson to a contract and bring him over and start him in grand rapids
  4. His attitude reminds me of Igor Grigorenko who I'm glad he when back to Russia . You don't demand playing time in the NHL.This is not college basketball!!!
  5. its time to go with osgood detroit should have a 3-0 lead and I would put in ericsson in place of puckbages lilja.
  6. even if he doesn't get his 24 or does get it as a hawk doesn't matter in my book all I know is what he has done for detroit now and after he leaves is enough for me;he been a coach on the ice.
  7. I still think that #9 should be league-wide and also think Detroit will retire 24 when he's done.
  8. I agree with you about kopecky not having minutes until late;but what I would like to see is him, abdelader and helm playing in the playoffs.that would be a line that no one would quite know how to handle(youth, size and speed).
  9. not that i'm saying he will but the wings might let Ericsson play another season in g.r. because they can. They really have no choice with Meech and Quincey because they have to past throught waviers. They would proable lost one if not both.
  10. that part is good news to ears.But the other part of article I wish they would just fluss lilja and got on with it , the wings have plenty of young d-men who need to or could come up.
  11. I have nothing to disagree with you about but I have never understand this we stuff .I have been watching Detroit red wing hockey since about 1970 and only then have I see them play so poorly.The bounces have to start coming there way they're just to good for this.
  12. after the big ones I just hear about on tsn I hope he changes his mine. I think this not having anything to trade without giving away the yount goes back to per cap days when Detroit traded away so many #1's.I aways thought it would come back and bit them in the ass.
  13. AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. how about Radim Vrtata espn says he on the move. Young ,can score and got he,s not small.