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  1. Your 5 Favourite Non Red Wings?

    Ummm, does that count?
  2. Weekend Picks

    Friday: Boston NY Islanders Phoenix Philadelphia Nashville Anaheim Saturday: Pittsburgh NY Rangers Buffalo Chicago Philadelphia Columbus Montreal Minnesota Dallas Calgary Colorado San Jose Sunday: Nashville New Jersey
  3. Your 5 Favourite Non Red Wings?

    My 5 favorite non-Wings, mostly based on personal reasons, and in no particular order: Sakic Modano Lecavliar Turco Weight Don't ask why, they just are......
  4. What will happen more frequently?

    The Lions will go 9-7 and WIN the division because the NFC North is just that bad... The Wings will earn 112 points and either the #1 or #2 overall seed in the NHL..... The Tigers will finish this year 83-79 but next year will sign Ben Sheets and a top notch closer and win the 2009 World Series. The Pistons will lose the division title for the 1st time in 5 years to The Cavaliers and get knocked out in the 2nd round of the playoffs. 2008 World Series Cubs beat the Rays in 6 games 2008 Super Bowl Patriots beat the Cowboys 21-17 2008/09 NBA Finals L.A. beats Cleveland in 4 games 2008/09 Stanley Cup Wings beat Montreal in 7 games
  5. Who drew you in?

    Okay so I know this is a boring and oft-repeated answer but Yzerman, got me interested back in 85. Now, that being said , the Bruise Bros. Joey & Probie got me TOTALLY HOOKED. And I remember the 1st time I ever watched a playoff series (every minute, of every game start to finish) was the 7 game series against Toronto back in 87 when the Wings were down 3-1, came back to beat the Leafs in 7, and move on to The Campbell Conference Finals against Wayne & the Oilers ! Yep, that did it for me, I've been a hockey junkie ever since!
  6. Is Dastyuk the best?

    Dats is great no doubt, best ever? Nope, and I don't think I could ever peg ONE player to point to as the best stick handler ever , I have seen a lot of great/really good ones. The two best in a Wings uniform in my life time (so far.......) would have to be Stevie Y, and Igor Larionov.
  7. Your Thoughts on Best......

    This is THE BEST comment on Red Wings line combinations this entire off season!
  8. The Most Overrated/Underrated Superstar

    It's easy to look at the world through "Red Tinted Glasses' and name a few Wings who are underrated. So I won't.. However, I throw my humble opinion into the ring for consideration: The most OVERRAYED player since 1980: Ron Francis The most UNDERRATED player since 1980 : Mike Gartner (this guy's numbers are fantastic, but he was an afterthought in an era that saw Greatzky, Lemeiux, Yzerman, Lafontaine..etc....)
  9. Chicago County Comissioner Already Trying to Mix It Up

    You should inform your County Commisioner that you won't be voting for him because of his lack of class! Hey, you may get a reduction on Property Taxes. ( you just never know! )
  10. Question about the NAHL

    That's cool, thanks for the info. Heck, going in the 6th or 7th round is better than not going at all right? Hopefully my cousin will enjoy life in ALASKA!
  11. Question about the NAHL

    I'm just throwing this out there... I have to admit I don't know very much about Junior or Minor League hockey. Does anyone know that much about the North American Hockey League? Do players ever get drafted out of that league, or is it just a small starting point? The reason I ask is because my cousin just signed to play with the Kenai River Brown Bears this season.....
  12. Bergeron

    I sincerly hope he is doing better, and can resume his career. My two favorite sports are Hockey and Football, and I have seen WAY too many careers cut short by concussions. I am still convinced Pat Lafontaine would have SICK scoring numbers if he had been able to be concussion free during his career. My son plays football, and my nephew plays junior hockey, and I worry about them both getting their brains rattled everytime they play...... Concussions and p.c.s. are no joke!
  13. Which teams could you live without

    Two teams in Ohio? Interesting....I would rather see Atlanta move to Wisconsin and see Carolina move back to Hartford (bring back the Whale!!)
  14. Burke Blames Lowe For Higher Salaries

    Oh PUH-lease, overpaying for players has been going on in EVERY MAJOR SPORT since before I was born. (which was a long 40 years ago...). Lowe hasn't done anything that a hundred GM's before him hasn't done. How soon you have forgotten Karmano's, PYSCHOTICALLY igonorant offer sheet that was given to one Sergei Fedorov????? I could list dozens upon dozens of examples in other sports as well, but that would be pointless. Is Lowe's indescretion magnified by the salary cap? Absloutely. Was it ignorance on his part? Undoubtely. I have no Ill will towards Burke, never met than man, and could care less who is and who he works for, BUT it sure does appear to me that he MAY be finger pointing at Lowe, to deflect some of the short comings of his team, and his own abilities as a GM. (IMHO)
  15. Holland: Wings will wait until Sept. for D trade

    I totally agree, I would like to see Quincy stay as well... Fun Sidenote: Hank, did you hear that Anchorman 2 is in the works?