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  1. I believe we are wittnessing a rivalry developing and I like it alot. This is the most fun I have had watching the Wings in the playoffs for a while. The insense nasty playoff hockey is awesome and I have been missing that. Abby is having a big impact and is creating a story in the series. Every series have stories and Abby is in the middle of one. I just hope we'll see some clutch goals from him too. The bolt fans can't stop talking about him and I'm sure he is in the heads of the players too Smith is awesome and needs to be on the ice. AA needs more ice time (less than 10min last game). I am waiting for tatar to break out and go beast mode. I might have irrational feelings for Tatar but I believe he is a strongly emotional player who is capable of rising above his average skill level more than most players can. He can be our playoff clutch performer..he just needs to get that fire lit... when it's lit - watch out Looking forward to the game tonight. I hope the wings can find a consistently, confident play, we obviously need it to get 15 more wins. I honestlty believe this team can win the cup. If you consider all the pieces and the potential we have on the team, we have what it takes to win. Sure, we need some ideal circumstances .....everyone playing up to their potential and rise above it (clutch situations), consistency throuought the team (minimum mistakes), mrazek stealing a few, puck luck and overall a rise in everyones play. Most cup winning teams get some favourable situations on their journey and most teams also gets contribution and unexpected plays from unthinkable players. Lets be optimistic and believe we'll get some of that. The win in Detroit was a taste of the complete and confident team we can be. It was the first step, now they need to secure and build on this to keep developing into cup winners. LGW!!!
  2. GDT

    It wasn't the most exciting game and it was not a very comforting effort by the team. And due to the obvious tough schedule ahead and various question marks surrounding the team, there's just no time to celebrate this victory. I'm really happy they won but after the game ended, focus is already switched to the next game and making the playoffs. We'll make it. Tatar will go beast mode next couple of games LGW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. GDT

    A required win... mission accomplished LGW
  4. wow. just watched the game !! i was so frustrated and annoyed up until the last five minutes when captain Z stepped up and scored the beauty. Wow. Z's goal was the type only a captain, a game winner and a goal scorer do. Such determination. Wonderful to see. And then he added two more assists and the wings win it in overtime. three stars selection was crazy not to include zetterberg. my three stars: #1 Z and #2-3 kron/abdel One thing that I HATE about this team is how they are unable to enter the zone in powerplay. WTF? we saw it last year in the playoffs against boston and the exact same problem is still hurting this team. Wings is one of the worst teams in the league in PP.... Come on! At least dats is back now. He will only get better and better as he finds his stride and form again. LGW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! edit: Z 9 points in last 4 games. ... suck on that everyone... LGW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! edit2: i wish helm had a bit more of a goal scoring touch. he would be soooo dirty if he had....
  5. Im so glad Zetterberg showed up tonight. I was a bit worried...he looked a bit slow against Boston. Captain Z is back Hopefully this get the team some momentum and confidence. It sucks with the injury to Franzen tho. God damnit. 4 games in and we already have franzen and dats on injuries. FFS!!!! Z's "new back" will be tested pretty hard if he already has to put his team on his shoulder when its only 4 games played in a 82 game season. Jesus. Zetterberg. Beard. LGW
  6. Share please! I couldnt access the video..
  7. wow. i absolutely love this signing! he will be a great fit in detroit. this is awesome news. wings will be lethal next season and i can't understand why people are whining about this. did you see alfredsson play last year? he was one of the best players on the ice. every day. he might not have gotten alot of points but his work ethic and hockey iq is off the charts
  8. Yea.. I can relate to that
  9. That is true... We grow up watching these players develop over here only to see them get shipped over to the US as soon as they get good That's why Colorado (forsberg), wings (lids, Z etc), toronto (sundin), nucks (sedins), rangers (lundqvist) etc got their share of swedish fans. That is also the reason why I became a red wings fan, I followed my dear players across the atlantic. Now I will probably be a fan of the wings all my life! Also, Tre kronor has been successful over a long period of time and after every championship (depending how well they did ;p) there are fans who follow their favorite players on tre kronor to their respective nhl teams and slowly grows into being a fan of the team.
  10. Hello. Where I live in Sweden (a small town) I would have to say that the wings & rangers are the most popular ones. I cant really remember ever seeing a pens fan here actually.. But I do remember that when I went to the nhl premiere Penguins vs Ottawa in Stockholm there were penguin jerseys everywhere..
  11. I feel so bad for Eriksson and the rest of the team I feel bad for all the ottawa fans. EK is one of the best players is the game. He bring people to the game. Without him, what will happen?
  12. bump 42 saves against Boston tonight for his 7th SO of the season. His stats after tonight's game: .941 SV%, 1.77 GAA, 7 SO If he keep this pace up he will beat Thomas all time single season SV% record. Elliot still leads the GAA with 1.63 but he also has 26 GP compared to lundqvist 42. Lundqvist have the Vezina trophy locked up at this point and should also pick up some votes for the Hart trophy. He is dominating this year. Unreal.
  13. I love Howard and what he has done this season but... I think this is the year Lundqvist finally wins the vezina and rightfully so. After watching the Buffalo - Rangers game tonight I'm still in ave of his performance. His second shutout in two games and his sixth shutout this season. Lundqvist currently rank: #2 in GAA 1.82 (Elliot #1) #1 in SV% .939 #1 (tied with Quick) in shutouts with 6. He is having an amazing season, his best of his career i think. I love to watch him play and I would like to see him win this season. From tonights game; Who do you think will win vezina trophy this year? Would you like to see Lundqvist win it? Is it possible for Howard to take home the trophy? Vezina candidates: Lundqvist, Howard, Quick, Rinne (Thomas?) (Eliott?) I know the season is not over yet but lets hear your thoughts!