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  1. In any case, Kenny must do something in the off season. lots of player need to go away. Very few players have played for the team in these PO. It's time for some to leave.
  2. Oh yes that could be, and If it is, it will be great
  3. If holland want a UFA goalie, he should take Huet. he has been awesome with the caps at the end of the season
  4. it's the person who make the link who switch to the other match
  5. working again now
  6. there is no way for you to watch it by stream ? has someone a link ?
  7. I agree with you
  8. I'm absolutely sure that Darren whith his motivation to play hockey again would be more productive than downey or drake Downey is 0 point in 12 games Drake is 1 point (1assist) and -7 (+/-) in 17 games I'm sure D-Mac would make better for this team Take him back
  9. win win win a good win congratz Wings
  10. win win win a good win congratz Wings
  11. it's a tough 3rd period
  12. Good play for a good goal
  13. Incredible Datsyuk
  14. There is much more Canadiens fans because of the french goalie, but I prefer the Wings there is a team in my city and i bought the jersey of the wings in their shop A real fan