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  1. Ron Wilson hates the Wings always has, back from when he was growing up. In the playoffs, including the '98 finals, the Wings have always jailsexed him.
  2. Hell, they've played the Leafs so much lately, maybe they got us figured out.
  3. Why does this feel like game 1 of opening round of the playoffs? It just does.
  4. This will be better sound quality: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=49TU4JVD I got that direct from the WXYT webstream. The NHL's webstream is lower quality for some reason. Ken Daniels was great! Ken Kal comes in at the last second and is also terrific. The Red Wings radio AND TV announcers are the best!!!
  5. Thanks! I am going to take these and put them on my memory stick so I can watch them on my picture frame at work!!!
  6. Hell no! His speed his agility! He is the man!!!! He'd da bomb!
  7. I'd make a jello-o mold and I'd drink black cherry wine cooler with it after having Little Caesars pizza!
  8. I agree. You can't go wrong with that!!!
  9. How sad. He was engaged to be married this summer.