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  1. Just an opinion...
  2. I'm sorry, but this is a DETROIT RED WINGS Forum for DETROIT RED WINGS fans... why would someone vote for Oilers to win?
  3. How big of a fan are you really...
  4. ahaha LEGACE FOR LIFE!!<3 he's my favourite player let alone just goalie?! Just the way legace performs in the net. He deserves to be winning in this poll! ps- i love that pic in the reply above me! Ontario really doesn't like Osgood? I guess Manny is Osgood as it gets!
  5. hmm... NO but McCabe really has stepped up his game in the past few months...maybe trade someone else...NOT Lidstrom. How about that new Cory Cross?
  6. I definetly think Leaf fans are the worst, because they are just like the team..they cry and whine about everything. I notice this alot because my whole family are toronto fans...Plus, i live quite close to toronto...GO WINGS! -Nicole