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  1. Detroit News reports: "Holmstrom was lost for the rest of the evening because of a cut above the left eye." Doesn't sound TOO bad, I'm hopeful at least.
  3. Yeah, same here, denied... only viewable in Canada. Bummer.
  4. White Probert White Lapointe Red Yzerman I'm thinking of getting a red Lids or Zetts next, gonna have to wait though, just bought a new home Tiger's jersey, #3 Alan Trammell!
  5. Hockey... in Vegas. Man, what is happening to my beloved game.
  6. Maltby is worse imho. Draper seems to at least do some work, Maltby, what does he even do anymore? He used to be a great instigator, now though... bleh, whatever.
  7. Wow. Just... wow. I wonder how Datsyuk would do.
  8. Am I the only one who doesn't mind either way? Ah well.
  9. This might not be the most horrible thing for the team. Last year we glided into the playoffs and got licked by a bunch of thumpers in the first round. A little adversity might be just the ticket. I don't like seeing Z hurt though, he's our guy.