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  1. zettsyukwall415

    How frequent do you guys go to games?

    I usually try to go about 10 times a season. I had season tickets last year, but couldn't afford them this season. Getting tickets for game 7 of the SCF basically wiped me out. I've been on a role since I had to endure the pain of watching the Penguins lift the cup. I went to my first ever Lions game and they won (what are the odds). I went to the last home game of the Tigers (also first ever) and they won. And for the Wings so far this year I've been to the preseason game against Philly, Chicago, Washington, San Jose, and Vancouver (of course all wins). My next planned game isn't until February when they play Ottawa, but I'm sure I'll be going to another one before then.
  2. zettsyukwall415

    Official Scoring Error

    The assists have been added now. All is right in the world. NHL Score Sheet
  3. zettsyukwall415


    The Red Wings website gives the tv schedule. TV Schedule
  4. zettsyukwall415

    Classiest Player List

    I don't see what hits has to do with class but actually, Stuart, Kopecky, Cleary, Draper, Kronwall, Lilja, Samuelsson, and Franzen had more hits during the regular season. Zetterberg also plays the most minutes among fowards on this team. But, yeah, Datsyuk is one of the classiest guys in the league.
  5. zettsyukwall415

    Winter Classic questions

    No, I meant lower seats. Like Andrew said, the lower you sat, the worse your view of the ice was. I had the $225 seats (which were perfect) and the puck was just visible near the boards closest to you. So, I would imagine down lower you wouldn't be able to see the puck much (at least not at mid ice). Here's the pricing chart: 2009 Winter Classic seating chart
  6. zettsyukwall415

    Winter Classic questions

    1. I think I got mine late November. 2. I remember there was a lottery open to everyone and a separate lottery for STH. I only got an email from the STH one. 3. There were 3 different price ranges. The upper deck was like $325. The middle area was $225. The lower area was like $75. 4. From my understanding, the Chicago season ticket holders got first priority, but they could only get the number of tickets they got for the season. Then a certain number of tickets were reserved for the Wings STH, which were determined in a lottery. Every other ticket was done by a lottery for everyone who entered for them. I can't help you with 5.
  7. zettsyukwall415

    Pronger Signs Extension with Philly

    http://www.tsn.ca/blogs/darren_dreger/?id=284062 The NHL says his cap hit will count should he retire before the contract is up. Philly disagrees.
  8. zettsyukwall415

    I <3 Zetterberg

    The reason I fell back in love with hockey is because of this man. Plays his butt off every shift. Thank you Z, Ozzie, and Helm for giving it your all.
  9. zettsyukwall415

    1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    Went to Cedar Point today. My brother, friend and I got a "Let's Go Red Wings" chant going with the other riders on the Gemini. We come back to the station and half the people there are chanting it too. It was soooo awesome!
  10. zettsyukwall415

    To The Joe

    My brothers and I were trying to be as loud as we could because we had this older couple sitting in front of us (Penguin fans) and every time we started screaming the lady would cover her ears. They ended up leaving after the second period.
  11. zettsyukwall415

    WCSF GAME 2 GDT: Ducks 4 at Red Wings 3 (3OT)

    My work is awesome! I was supposed to be in at 5 but they're letting me stay home to watch the game until it's over! Loving Helm in this game. Let's win this one early in the 2nd OT please. My heart can't take it!
  12. zettsyukwall415

    WCQF GAME 2 GDT: Red Wings 4, Blue Jackets 0

    Am I the only one who saw Homer pass the puck back to Lids on that goal? Pav's assist should be Homer's.
  13. zettsyukwall415

    Detroit Red Wings Open House

    I RSVP'd the first day they sent out the email. I emailed them saying I would like the 24th (my brother's on Spring Break this week) and that I would need all 3. I was going to contact a Rep yesterday but I was extremely busy at work and ended up getting off late. Guess I'll try Monday. Thanks.
  14. zettsyukwall415

    Detroit Red Wings Open House

    Quick question for the season ticket holders who have gone. When did your tickets arrive at your house? I'm supposed to be going Tuesday but I have not received anything.
  15. zettsyukwall415

    Any News on Zetterberg?

    Part of the reason they were one of the worst teams last year was because of his lack of production. And it doesn't matter if he played on a worse team. Z still outscored him by 26 points proving he had a better season. And he didn't outscore Z in the playoffs. He had one less point in 2 more games. There's no guarantee he would have gotten points in those 2 games. As has been mentioned, he signed that deal 2 years ago. Salaries have gone up since then. Gomez, Campbell, and even Drury all make more than Datsyuk. There's no way Zetterberg makes less than them unless he signs a longer deal. Eric Staal just signed a contract that'll pay him $8.25 million a year and he hasn't been as good as Zetterberg either. Another thing I'd like to add is that we wouldn't even have Hossa this year if it weren't for Z. It's because of his willingness to give up a year of unrestricted free agency at what is now a bargain price that we were able to acquire him.