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  1. stellargirl21


  2. stellargirl21

    Comcast in the looks of buying NBC

    I just better not see a rise in my cable's ridiculous enough as it is!!
  3. stellargirl21

    RWN-HQ, Oct 3rd get-together

    We won't be able to make any of those games actually. This Saturday doesn't work for us: October 10 vs Washington -7pm - we'll be up north that weekend October 17 vs Colorado- 7pm - got a concert that night October 24 vs Colorado- 9pm - celebrating our anniversary October 31 vs Calgary- 10pm - have Halloween plans We'll get together one of these days though!
  4. stellargirl21

    RWNHQ (east) SCF Game 2, Sunday May 31, 2009

    Two of our friends will be joining us as well. This should be a good time!
  5. stellargirl21


    So what are these problems you speak of? You're just still pissed that they didn't separate the checks that one time ;o)
  6. stellargirl21


    I'm not sure if this has been posted here yet, but I got this in an email today and thought it was awesome!
  7. stellargirl21

    Got Attacked at Game 3

    I couldn't have said it better myself. To attack someone in a car? That's a little ridiculous. Saying that alcohol was involved is like saying some chick deserved to get raped because of the slutty dress she was wearing. It's called self control.
  8. stellargirl21

    RWN HQ 2/21/2009 vs WILD 8:00 pm

    Hello all - this is Hockey&beer's wife I just wanted to add that we're bringing two of our friends who are also Red Wings fans...I hope that's okay?
  9. stellargirl21

    Joe Louis Arena Music

    lol, and that's like the only Kid Rock song I don't like too!
  10. stellargirl21

    Presentation Topic

    I personally think it would be entertaining, but I think it might be a little difficult for a non-hockey fan to follow. Are you allowed to add humor into it? What about if you teach how to be a good hockey fan? You could list do's and don't's for that. And if you can add some humor into that I think it could be very entertaining.
  11. stellargirl21

    Joe Louis Arena Music

    Yeah the music at the Joe sucks. It's the same crap every game, every year. Tradition is great and all, but come on...mix it up a little. And Detroit isn't all about Motown. How about some Bob Seger or some Ted Nugent? I'm sure a few of their songs could get the crowd going. And do they ever play any Kid Rock?? The music there is just way too predictable.
  12. stellargirl21

    No TV?

    Well they're effin' liars! We have Comcast digital cable and we had the St. Clair County board meetings on 901 all night! Both my husband and I called Comcast last night AND I called again today to find out exactly what the deal was. Last night I talked to someone in Ann Arbor and he had no problems pulling up the game on 901. The guy today kept telling me that it wasn't listed as a channel in my area (New Baltimore / Chesterfield) so I had him pull up the listing for Ann Arbor and surprise, surprise, it wasn't listed there either. Because it's not a real channel!!! It only shows up when a game is being pushed to it!! The Comcast support is NO HELP. So they've documented it and if it happens again, we call so they can feed us some more BS. Nice. Oh and thanks for the $5 credit. Did I mention I hate Comcast??
  13. stellargirl21

    PHOTOS Red Wings leave for camp

    I was at the thing with Ozzy, Clears, Lebda and Drapes. You can see me in a few of those pics! How cool!
  14. stellargirl21

    Does the media favor the wings?

    I agree. I hate having to watch regular season games on VS or NBC.
  15. stellargirl21

    Funniest comment from a Ducks fan

    I just wanted to add another fun comments I saw on a Ducks forums: "I thought the hit was clean and it doesn't help that Versus sounds like the unofficial Red Wings TV Network." I'm sorry...Versus sounds like the unofficial Red Wings Tv Network? I don't think so. And if they sounded like that last night it's because we were the only ones doing anything, besides that "clean" hit on Homer.