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  1. Babcock speaks about line combos

    Looks good to me. No Flip should center the third line IMO. just wow
  2. Offer sheets ?

    I'm not so sure he would be an outcast. I think as the "new NHL" rolls along here there is going to be more and more offer sheets given out. Maybe not in Detroit's case so much, but teams that are on the verge this could be a great way to get a franchise player. Some people might think the amount of draft picks given out and the "what goes around comes around" is a deterent. But for teams struggling what do they have to lose. You could draft three players and all of them could be great or they could be at best third or fourth line guys. Or you could have a potential francise player for those same draft picks. I guess time will tell, but the unwritten rule to not to give offer sheets will slowly diminish. This is only my opinion so take it as you may
  3. Offer sheets ?

    I 100% agree with you that he could command more than that. He's young, big and has put up some great numbers so far in his career.
  4. Offer sheets ?

    I know they are only rumors but a name i keep hearing over and over is Thomas Vanek. What kinda of salary is he gonna command after his great year? Do you think teams will use him as leverage to be able to sign either Briere or Drury? What i mean is, if a team offers him 3.5 mil and Buffalo matches are they then in a position of having to let one of those two go. Or are the Sabres in a position where no matter what happens one of those 3 will not be back? Is there any other players that might command an offer sheet? I know this doesn't directly affect the Wings, but could they afford to part with picks to land some quality talent like Vanek? Or is the price simply too much?
  5. Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    Who cares !!! Stupid tradition anyways. He shook the coaches hands and maybe he "should" have the players as well but whats the big deal. Is it better to skate by and say good luck and not mean it. As far as Selanne's comments go, he should keep them to himself. Did Pronger or Neids apologize to Homer for ramming his head in the glass and gashing him for 13 stitches? No they said it was a fair hit and the Canadian media of all people are blowing outta proportion. It works both ways, they were just as classless or worse in their actions. If cbc hadn't of said it would anyone have known?
  6. Datsyuk in the Playoffs So Far

    One thing i am really noticing about Pavel as the playoffs grind on here is that he has become fearless out there. Playoffs before this he would not carry the puck up the centre of the ice and challenge d-men as much as he is and especially not be the first on the puck in the corners. He has been drilled hard a few times coming up the wing "Phaneuf and Neidermyer hits" but he hasn't backed down at all. In previous years after taking such hits he really seem to shy away from the battles. (yes i know he was injured last year in the playoffs) He seems to be initiating contact and actually throwing his weight around. I knew it was only a matter of time until he started putting up points in the playoffs. The part of his game i did not expect to see was the physical side of him and the fearlessness he is showing. I think this will help him alot over the course of his career. The fact that he was able to shake the label of playoff point choker but also the notion that if you played him rough you could get him off his game. So props to Pav for not only the points he's put up but his all around game.
  7. Anaheim stats with/without Pronger

    Hmmm... I wonder how our record would be without Lidstrom? I bet it would be pretty comparable. Its amazing how a forward or two missing is nothing like a Defencemen out. Just goes to show how much our D has stepped up this years playoffs.
  8. Game 3: Kopecky in, Calder out

    Kopecky was practicing in Calgary here during games 3-4. From what i seen he had some really good energy and was skating really good. I think his timing will definately be a little off, but i think he won't be any worse than Calder out there. IMHO
  9. Fans where are you

    Sorry bout that im assuming thats what your getting at. You said you don't think high prices and economy are the reasons for fans not attending so what's one to think? Please enlighten me with an explanation then as to why they are not sold out?
  10. Fans where are you

    Please with all your knowledge of Detroit inform me as to why the people are not attending? I live in Calgary and $400,000 will buy a nice condo or duplex... not a big fancy house so what's your point? The games here are always sold out and you wanna know why. Cause the Flames have sucked for years and years and now they are a decent team so people are now finally going to games. 6 years ago they were giving tickets away to try and fill the building. If the Ducks were basement dwellers for years would they be sold out? Well they have the greatest fans ever don't they? Get a life buddy? your clueless ...i go to the WIngs game when they are in Calgary too, but im not gonna say fans in Detroit are not fans cause they can't afford it. Edit : Spelling
  11. Teams Marcus thinks will be scary next season

    Is this a serious post ???
  12. Shark Thrown on Ice

    Hey oilandwings fan? Do you have a full size version of your avatar? Is so please post
  13. Optimistic Thread....Series is Tied ! Were not out

    How the times have changed for the LGW second favorite whipping boy as well. Lilja has played above expectations and he hasn't made any glaring errors that i have seen yet. To be honest i was pretty worried about losing Kronwall, while it has hurt us i think Lilja has done a great job in filling in for him. So props to Lilja for not being noticeable which in his case is a good thing Edit: i do realize this has increased Nick's minutes, which may be why he is struggling a little bit. Besides playing against Iginla of course
  14. C'mon Wings fans, we just lost to the best home team in the league twice at home. Some people on here make it sound like we just lost to a s***ty team and we played horrible. The Flames had two 5-3 goals, well one the 1st penalty just ended but still. There has been players with off games and players with good games. This is in fact the playoffs, not everyone is gonna be dominant every night. I am absolutely shocked at how spoiled we have become as Wings fans. Yes we have had some tough playoff exits lately, but so have a ton of other teams. This Flames team is possibly one of the best eight seeds ever. Yes we lost to the Oilers but they won the West its not like they got swept the next round. Jesus guys two loses in arguably the toughest playoff rink to play in and most people are just laying on the blame. Lidstrom sucks, Zetterberg sucks jesus they are playing against Iginla's line. I know its anothe rtough loss and we ARE the better team but did you really expect the Flames to just roll over and die. Show some pride in you damn team, a loss is a loss. Its far from over yet. Cmon everyone lets show some backbone and stand with our team not bash the hell outta everyone, we are still in this series and still have home ice advantage. How soon we forget how bad the Flmaes were on the road...
  15. Pre-GAME 4: (4/19) Red Wings @ Flames - 9:30 PM EDT

    According to Helene St james the lines will be as follows: Dats, Zetta, Homer Bert, Lang, Franzen Cleary, Drapes, Maltby Sammy, Flip, Calder