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    long walks on the beach, watching the sunset.....oh, wrong website... Wings, Pistons, more specifically going to the games or watching them with the Wings and Pistons crew on the big screen at the many fine sports bars in the Zoo. Waldos, Wayside and the house of fire. Golfing when the mood strikes. Personal Aspiration: To play in the charity golf event D Mac sets up every summer...the reason i keep practicing.

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  1. Cavaliers game last night

    yeah, i heard about it, missed actually seeing it. I actually tuned in just as Lebron went down in the 3rd quarter, at first all i heard was "he's injured and back in the locker room" i was desperately searching the court and bench to make sure it wasn't a Piston.
  2. Tony Delk

    Delk is playing amazing since he got back up to NBA pace, he made a basket about a week ago, where he was facing away from the basket, seemingly out of control and put the ball up over his shoulder, off the high glass and in, and he got fouled....but the coolest thing about TD is that apparently 20 teams talked to him about signing a contract til the end of the season, 17 offered more money than the Pistons, but Delk said "no" to everyone of them, the only team he wanted to play for was the Pistons.
  3. Post Everytime You Look

    Somebody describe what its like to be outside...i've been stuck at work since 8am