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  1. I'd like to see Eaves back. Bertuzzi played pretty well in the playoffs, but his untimely penalties are annoying.
  2. I second this sentiment. Guys, I've never had the chance to see Nick Lidstrom play live in my life. Make some extra noise for him, because who knows if this will be it for him. Be loud, Be proud. Red Wings Represent! Let's Go Red Wings!
  3. Not gonna give up hope until the other team wins the 4th game. Go Wings!
  4. Doesn't matter. If you intently impede the goaltenders chances of making a save, it's a penalty.
  5. Nah. He scored lots in 2008... then not as much in 2009... then never in 2010.
  6. It's a good thing for the Sharks that they have that line of Clowe, Pavelski and Setoguchi. They have single handedly saved the franchise from an embarrassing sweep at the hands of the worst team in the playoffs. 6/9 of the series goals for the Sharks come from that line. Tinman and his gal pal Marla, as well as Kate Heatley have a combined 0 goals and like 3 or 4 points.
  7. Today, and November 9th will be glorious days for Red Wings fans everywhere. Steve Yzerman is a hero to all. Detroit loves you, Stevie!
  8. I have a little problem with Chara winning over Lidstrom, but Green over Liddy too!?!?! That is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS! Unless, you know.... scoring goals wins the Norris. This is a defensive trophy. Mike Green doesn't know what that means.
  9. Liddy to retire next year? I'm thinking so. So, I really, really just want to sitback and enjoy his final 82+ games. Should he go out on top, that would be unbelieveable.
  10. Let's Go Red Wings! We Want The Cup! Let's Go Red Wings! We Want The Cup!
  11. I had a tough time vs Anaheim in the 7th, so with the Cup on the line, I can't imagine. For the sake of my heart, I hope it isn't close, but I can't see it being a blow out. It's Game 7 for the Cup. It's gotta be tight.
  12. I didn't find anything wrong with it. But then again, maybe I'm looking at the wrong picture?
  13. Game 7 Heroes!!!!