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  1. Same team as the last two years. The defense just bumbling and fumbling the puck around in their own zone. Very hard watching this and it is only the first game. Almost reminds me of the Tigers they have to score 5-6 goals just so their bullpen/defense can't blow it. If they make the playoffs it will be barely and it will be another quick exit.. Even with Kronwall back that is just adding another above average player. He is not that great any more. He is still good and all though.
  2. Is anyone expecting much? Not me.
  3. It seems like the red wings always try and do everything on the cheap like signing older players that might bounce back but probably will not. Reminds me of the Mets in baseball to a lesser extent because the red wings are aways at the cap but I guess it is just because they always have a lot of money tied up in players that do not deserve it like erickson and franzen to give recent examples. This will not make sense to most people but its like people that stream video games and are always trying to find the new hot game but never do so they are always playing a no name random garbage game and never get viewers. Just play a good game people like and you will get more viewers. aka stop trying to find a diamond in the ruff and maybe start overpaying for players that actually have shown they produce not overpaying for players like ericcson or green.
  4. Its not about hating nielson or anything it is about the true needs of this team never getting addressed. The sad thing is this is all we will get. The team needs a SOLID D'man that can play Defense not just turn the puck over everytime even though everyone tells us they are a puck moving defenseman. And also we have not had a real sniper that can just score goals since Hossa and it has been an obvious hole. Seems a pretty safe bet the playoff streak is over this year.
  5. Everyone prepare for that feeling just like the last few years.
  6. signed

    ugh another erickson bad signing. I like help but is is on the backside of his career.
  7. Habs robbed Nashville in this one. Everyone overrates Dman so much if they put up offensive numbers.
  8. Kind of greasy to exploit his death this quick and bully the owner. I dont like it.
  9. The last thing we need us another defenseman thatturns it overall day like smith and green. Erickson is pretty much a wasted contract and he turns it iver a lot also. Kronwall is still good but has noticeable fallen off. A solid stay at home defenseman would be amazing. P.S.i would bet big money kenny brings back richards. He always gives them one more year when its obvious to everyone they are done.
  10. I would love if they could swing a Defensive D-man and a sniper. On Defense they have so many so called puck moving defenseman yet all they do is turn it over. A stay at home d-man would be nice. Not sure on the cap numbers maybe if they can move howard or a nyquist.
  11. Free agents or trade what do the Red Wings need most.
  12. It really should be Little Caesars Coliseum. That would take a dumb name and make it epic. Coliseum for a hockey building. NUFF SAID!
  13. I can't stand divers. I would take the C away for that forsure. I dont follow the kings. I really wish the Red Wings would move nyquist also. He is embarrassing the way he dives all the time.
  14. lol 2 cups not good enough he gets the big F.U. Being a captain doesent mean you have to be your teams best player. That being said I know nothing (jon snow) about the kings or brown so maybe he is a bad guy. idk.
  15. It is going to be so awesome!!! I really don't understand why everyone thinks little caesars arena sounds so dumb. I mean yeah compared to Joe Lewis Arena or Illitch Center its dumb but its America and that is how it is. I mean at&t park, minute maid park and heck even Comerica. They are all stupid sellout names. I feel its just because the little caesars commercials are really lame and cheesy. That being said those xfinity commercials are the worst ever. I still think Illitch Center would have been the best. Even Little Caesars Center would be cool. The LCC has a nice ring too it.