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  1. I have to give Smith credit. He actually had a decent game.
  2. Lol
  3. Worst part about this is now Smith is for sure never going to get waived and will always have a spot in the line up.
  4. lol
  5. Playoff push time boys Smith is back. We all know deep down they will keep Smith around for another 5 years or so. /puke
  6. Funny how everyone hates on abby now that he is making more money. I agree he has not been that good this year but he has been hurt.
  7. Below average player. The quicker he is gone the better.
  8. Ill be honest not many landed. But it did look like a good beating from a distance.
  9. For a full career lindstrom for one year orr.
  10. I wish they would trade Nyquist for a solid Defensive Dman. Solid as a rock in his own zone.
  11. For me anyway he did not improve at all last year and is getting worse much like Erickson did years ago after he had a decent year. Everyone thought he would get better and better and it just never happened.
  12. The team just needs some solid defenseman
  13. So crazy how all of the sudden so many people hate Abdelkader. I mean 2 weeks in to the season and now he sucks? Is all of the sudden supposed to be a 30 goal scorer? I mean we have a lot worse players to be complaining about with bad contracts.
  14. Same team as the last two years. The defense just bumbling and fumbling the puck around in their own zone. Very hard watching this and it is only the first game. Almost reminds me of the Tigers they have to score 5-6 goals just so their bullpen/defense can't blow it. If they make the playoffs it will be barely and it will be another quick exit.. Even with Kronwall back that is just adding another above average player. He is not that great any more. He is still good and all though.
  15. Is anyone expecting much? Not me.