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  1. How has a puck not even gone in off his ass or leg?!? The players that truly work hard and "compete" get some dirty/ugly goals throughout the course of an ENTIRE season, especially with the ice time this bum gets. His goose egg on the season is not a matter of bad luck.
  2. Good thing #15 is out there for theEN push - dude's clutch!
  3. Yep, Mick just said he's done for season with broken finger.
  4. It's official - the streak is over.
  5. Good thing #15 was out there for the empty net attack - dude's a scoring machine!
  6. Let's scratch Mantha x2, but let Kronwall continue to be horrible without reprimand. Very motivating for these youngsters.
  7. My God #15 is horrible. Please just go away.....
  8. Playing some inspired hockey tonight, that's for sure. Garbage...
  9. I'm just going to enjoy watching Mantha for the remainder of the season and not pay attention to the dumpster fire in the background.
  10. Dekeyserflurgen
  11. He decided to try to shove the toe of his stick through someone's face. Deliberately. He should be suspended for it too.
  12. Between consistent decisions to ice #15 and #8, etc, in critical "must-win" situations, and the current defense, it will never happen. I will gladly eat crow if I'm wrong...but I won't be.
  13. I'll be very surprised it Abby doesn't get it.
  14. Signed

    Or Helm?!?!?! Wishful thinking I guess....