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  1. I'll be very surprised it Abby doesn't get it.
  2. Signed

    Or Helm?!?!?! Wishful thinking I guess....
  3. Signed

    Wings need a new Maltby. I like it.
  4. Yep, cap hit is ok, term too long, per typical Holland.
  5. signed

    I'm good with this one.
  6. signed

    Who cares what Helm would have gotten on the open market?!?!?! Let some other team overpay the s*** out of him... I'm unbelievably pissed about this signing - way too much money for way too long. Same team, different year, same result (or worse, probably.) Eat me Holland.
  7. Charlie Babbitt says Weber definitely > Subban.
  8. Two of my top three most hated teams playing for the Cup (Chicago the other)..... As much as it pains me, I'm going to have to root for Pittsburgh to win - I'd rather the Cup go to the East Coast and I can't stand the "look at me!" type players like Burns and the stupid back woods bushman beards he and Thornton are sporting. I've hated the Sharks for years...
  9. gdt

    The Red Wings are back to being a mediocre hockey team, just like in the early 90's, and are far removed from Cup contention. It's as simple as that. People who are flipping out need to realize and accept this.
  10. Abby will wear the C before Larkin. Way too early to tell anything about the career of Larkin at this point.
  11. Signed

    It's laughable at how people complain about Holland doing nothing in years past, and now he goes out a makes some deals today, and some people still complain. Holland signed one of the biggest d-man F/A's today, then picks up an UPGRADE over Weiss, for only one year, and people still aren't happy. I'm 100% happy with what Holland did today. Well done, sir!
  12. Touche
  13. Good! Maybe it will help get some of the ridiculous contracts of the past back under control....
  14. Another vote for "neither".
  15. Obviously Mclellan is not happy with the leadership on his team. I personally see nothing wrong with stripping the "leaders" of their letters in an attempt to motivate them and/or find others to replace them. I feel a quality of a good coach is to try new methods to motivate his players if the current method is not working, which it certainly is not. Good for him. I am glad this is happening however, because I HATE the Sharks....