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  1. NomadFromKazoo

  2. should there be another team in the NHL?

    And if the ticket prices were higher, the attendance would be even lower
  3. Lidstrom's Chances at Another Norris

    Lidstrom could definitely win, but he's going to need O stats in addition to D dominance and we're going to have to win at least the Western Conference if not the President's trophy. If that happens, then they'd love to pick him. But he's not going to win for just dominating D anymore no matter how good he is.
  4. should there be another team in the NHL?

    That's the problem, not the availability of talent, the availability of viable sites. They can't compete and they're driving the Cap down because they don't generate the revenue to compete.
  5. Was it a good decision to sign Zetterberg

    To be honest, that's a terrible comparison. You're comparing a 6 million dollar cap hit today to a 6 million dollar cap hit a decade from now...
  6. should there be another team in the NHL?

    No, there are too many teams, not too few. They should shut down about a half dozen.
  7. Was it a good decision to sign Zetterberg

    I realize your first language is French and connotations are the hardest part of translating languages. But what I said didn't imply that you're not a fan. It just meant that fans of other teams would not like the signing because it was a good signing for us. I was actually implying the people telling you that were not Wings fans, not that you weren't.
  8. Was it a good decision to sign Zetterberg

    And what makes you want to listen to these people on this particular topic? It's a bad signing...if you're a fan of another team.
  9. Red Wing Fans... Prepare for glory.

    I agree. Total opposite of last year when we were screwed by Gary Bettman and exhausted with a short summer coming.
  10. Is Holmstrom a Hall of Famer?

    The question was will he get in. I voted no because there is zero percent chance that he will. But he totally deserves to be in the hall. The people calling him a "role" player are way underselling what he accomplished. He altered game plans for years of every team we faced. He affected who they had on the ice and how they played us. That totally rises to the level of HOF. But again the question was "will" he and there is no doubt to that the answer is no.
  11. What Current NHL Players are Locks for the Hall of Fame?

    I have a hard time supporting him. He was so promising as a kid, but every time we handed him the job he flamed out. He gave up so many soft goals past the blue line other teams started shooting it regularly, and sadly it worked too much for them to stop. His best playoffs seemed to be when nothing was expected of him. I just don't see it as a HOF career. I like him and I'll be happy if he gets in because he's a good guy and a good Wing, but even if he does I won't think he really deserved to be in the HOF.
  12. Wings' Goaltending Situation

    This was my thought too. The way we bring our players along by the time they get to the NHL full time they are ready. There's no reason he should regress.
  13. NHL examining other long term contracts

    On Bettman needing to go, I agree 100%. But I'm in favor of the CBA being a joke. That totally helps us. You seriously want a real Cap? We'd be hosed.
  14. Forsberg eyeing another NHL comeback?

    OK, let's make it simpler. When you go to a Red Wing message board and read pretty typical banter bashing the leader of our bitter rivals, and I'll say this part slow so you can follow, my question to you is: Everything said about Forsburg was pretty tame frankly for a junior high school locker room. Nothing about his being personally detestable, no threats or death wishes. Yet you decided it was "hate" speech. I mean seriously, what's up with that? You can't be serious
  15. Forsberg eyeing another NHL comeback?

    Gosh, a Red Wing message board taking shots at the leader of our hated rivals, it's just "hate" and completely uncalled for. When you saw "Let's Go Wings," you thought this was a book club? Or intellectual discussion of the theory of hockey with current practitioners of the art to demonstrate the various nuances of the discussion? To actually support a team and take shots at our rivals? Absurd. Where does that come from?