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  1. Not an obvious yes and not an obvious no either. He has 500+ goals and 1,000+ points and 3 cups, but is well under 1ppg and has no individual awards....never considered one of the best. He's just been really, really good over a long period of time. I think he'll probably get in, but if it was me, I'd lean to saying no (he's better than some that are already in though)....his highest finish in hart voting is 10th.
  2. What 23 playoff goals?
  3. Interesting stat....Matt Murray....a rookie, has 2 cups now. Although, MAF did win 9 of the 16 this year.
  4. If you believe Subban's father, apparently Crosby was Subban's best friend at the Olympics and vice versa.
  5. Crosby was my choice this year, I thought he deserved it more than Malkin...Malkin only had 1 more point, but Crosby effectively played 2 less games and was by far the best player in the finals and did more than Malkin beyond points. Last year, it was close, I was surprised he won, but didn't mind it too much...Kessel could have easily won (same as Malkin this year), but Kessel is just way more one dimensional. Kind of like in 2002 when you could have argued a few Wings. Does anyone really care much about this though? Wings being the last to win 2 in a row? Doesn't mean much to me. I doubt anyone thinks about the Islanders holding on to the last team to win 4 in a row.
  6. Conn Smythe choice between Crosby and Malkin will be super close I'd guess. Crosby as been way better in the finals, but trails Malkin overall by 1pt.
  7. Not that it's over yet, but not cheap at all....Nashville didn't really think there was interference there, but with 1 min left, challenging was a no brainer
  8. I think I'll just stop......I can't help you read
  9. Only because you asked, I did go back and read every post...."it wasn't a penalty" - not a single person said that...."it wasn't Crosby" - not a single person said that...."it wasn't thrown" - you guessed it, not a single person said that.
  10. As far as I can one is arguing that.
  11. We heard the same thing with Gretzky as well. Big difference with Crosby is that he takes crap on the ice that Wayne never had to deal with....but that's just the times. Superstars don't get away with as much in the NHL as they do in the other leagues though.
  12. The crowd just seems to chant randomly
  13. You can't be serious. Firstly, he didn't throw it on purpose, he threw his arms up and was complaining about something and the bottle slipped out of his hand, at least that's what he said and he made a point of going and apologizing to all 4 officials on the ice and suggesting he didn't do it on purpose. Not that it matters, but I tend to believe that because if he meant to throw it, he wouldn't have done so with his left hand, that make no sense. Secondly, it wasn't right before the 5th goal because he was on the ice and assisted on it. Thirdly, let's assume he did throw it on purpose for a what, should have been a penalty, which he admitted to whether on purpose or not, but what does player safety have to do with it? You think they should suspend him? I get the bias against him, but that's simply a stupid comment.
  14. There are lots out there that think no anthem should be played. It is a bit weird to play US and CAN anthems when you have a team from Canada playing, but not when you have 2 US based teams though since either way you'll have most players being Cdn. In tonight's game, there are 17 Canadian players playing and 12 American (which is high, PIT must have the most in the league).
  15. The Preds fans are loud as hell, but the one thing that bugs me a bit is the complaining every time one of their players gets knocked down. It's as if they don't know the rules and think everything is a penalty against them. I get it that every fan base thinks there's always penalties committed against their team, but they seem to boo after the strangest things.