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  1. I'm not sure why anyone would have been excited about a 5th round draft pick, especially because he was likely picked even that high because of his size.
  2. Makes sense? I think it is one of the most idiotic firings in history....maybe overplaying that a bit...but I think it's makes no sense. He just lead the team to their best finish in franchise history, then gets fired 20 games into the season, to be replaced by a guy with 0 NHL coaching experience.
  3. Maybe. Goalies don't tend to make as much as elite centres for whatever reason. It's the most important position in the game....teams can go from nothing to something with a great goalie. No single other player could do that. My guess is it's because it's more of a streaky position, good goalies come and go and maybe there is the thought another guy could be just as good. Lundqvist makes a lot, 8.5 and it think there are a few at 7, a handful in the 6s, few more in the 5s and the rest below that.
  4. Looks like Crosby still has some gas in the tank (14 goals in 14 games) and still the best ppg stat in the league. Missing the first 6 games may end up proving too much in the long run though in terms of total points. I'd look at Crosby a bit different as well though, he took a bit of a discount when he signed his deal and it was a 12 year deal I think, which aren't possible anymore. With Burns, it's tough to say "yeah, but if everyone else signed today, they'd be getting more." Firstly, cap hasn't moved much in the past few years, it's not like every other defenseman signed their deals ages ago. The reality is that (ignoring Subban), there are only about 5 or 6 other guys in the league that make within $1M per year what he makes (speaking D only of course). Everyone else is about $2M or more off. Which I don't have much of a problem with because he's one of the best, not sure if he's the best, but one of the best and contracts will fluctuate, so I'm fine with that. The more curious aspect to me is that it's for 8 years, he'll be 40 by the end of the last year. Maybe by then the $8M won't look like much, or maybe it will look like a massive cap hit for a guy that doesn't have much left.
  5. I think it's further proof that guys don't need to go to UFA anymore to get paid. You are seeing very few guys take "discounts" anymore. I think a big function of that is the CBA and the escrow the players need to deal with. I think they are taking the money they can get, when they can get it. This honestly looks like a lot of money to me. This puts him as the 2nd highest paid defenseman in the league. There are a few guys in the $7-7.5M range, but most are $6M or below. You have Subban at $9M which just seems huge to me, was $1.5M clear of #2 and still $1M clear. I don't have a problem with Burns being the 2nd highest paid, but it's for 8 years and he's 31. Not saying huge overpayment or anything, but certainly no discount taken.
  6. I'd have to go back and check....they did a mock "who would each team protect" forecast earlier.
  7. TSN's mock expansion draft has Mantha going to LV.
  8. The reality is, it really isn't economically possible to run a building like this these days without other tenants. 40 events in the year just doesn't cut it. I know there would be more factoring in pre-season / playoffs, but not substantially different.
  9. I have no idea, I haven't even considered potential draftees for next year at this point, however, from what I've heard from the experts, the 2017 draft year looks pretty weak (take that with a grain of salt though, hard to project 17/18 year olds).
  10. I'm the wrong person to ask that question as I'm in an industry where the payroll is likely closer to 90% of total revenues (that's a total guess though).....professional services firm.
  11. I'm not sure who told you about 50% being some general rule, because it just can't be. That will be far too much for some businesses and far too little for others. Every business is different. I suppose you can go industry by industry and try to generalize that way, but 50% as a general rule doesn't really exist.
  12. Regarding Dreger's tweet, I have to imagine the "he took the discount" really meant that he was looking for more on the open market, but settled for less. That's the only way it makes sense as the contract looks like overpayment, definitely not a discount. I think it is a fair question as to what other offers he had.....other teams being very interested doesn't mean any of them offered or were willing to pay close to $4M. I suspect that was used simply to get more out of the Wings. Not sure why we're being so hard on DD for asking the question, but I suspect I've missed a lot of drama earlier.
  13. But at this very moment, aren't they a .500 team (8 wins, 8 losses) and are sitting just out of the playoffs?
  14. 10 goals would be a bit much to expect from Larkin at this point. You can be disappointed I suppose, but he's doing fine. Expectations of him being a prolific/elite scorer have been overblown a bit too much, having that expectation will lead to disappointment. There are currently only 5 players in the league (2 on the same team) that have 10 goals. Ovechkin isn't one of them, he has 7. By the way, his 7 goals is at a pace for 40 goals. The guys with 10+, this is what they'd be on pace for over a full season: - Crosby - 91 - Pastrnak - 59 - Laine - 53 - Grabner - 51 - Scheifele - 48
  15. Probably unfair to consider "on pace" after 7 games too . Crosby is currently on pace for 90 goals, but, you know, doubt he scores that many this year.