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  1. 2018 Detroit Red Wing All-Star(s)

    I have a hard time looking at someone as being a consistent 35+ goal scorer when the guy has only scored 29 goals in his entire career. To be clear, my point is that it's way too early to be looking at such projections....that said, I must admit it's a thought I've had as well....but perhaps thinking ahead too quickly and just assuming he'll continue to produce at the rate he has so far this season.
  2. The MANtha watch.....

    Actually, I see the opposite...reality is that overall talent is up (across the board, including coaching and techniques). Defensive play and goaltending is way better now, it's much harder to score. In today's game, Yzerman puts up no where near 120pts.
  3. 2017 NHL China Games

    Cricket is the 2nd most popular sport worldwide.
  4. Worst Contracts by Team

    He's still getting paid $1.5M for another 12 years, but I don't there is anything that hits the cap.
  5. 2018 Detroit Red Wing All-Star(s)

    I think the last couple years have had a Red Wing in because every team needs representation. I guess Larkin had good numbers at selection time, warranting selection (this is without looking at comparables of who didn't make it from other teams), but if you look at his full year stats, doesn't scream all star either. Better selection than Nielsen though.
  6. Worst Contracts by Team

    Yeah, he's not an option, but the contract he signed with Buffalo is up there with the worst in history.
  7. Worst Contracts by Team

    Lucic is pretty useful though....big body, puts up 20+ goals, 50+ points. Can be a bonehead at times and while I don't think he's worth the $6M, I don't think it's terrible. While cap situation didn't come into play on any of these, Edm doesn't currently have cap concerns.
  8. Worst Contracts by Team

    Stumbled on this today: Link to Article Picks for Wings was Abby, which makes sense, but they also list several worthy candidates (all of which we've been skewering Holland for lately). Others from across the league that jumped out at me: - Bolland - 5 years left at $5.5M per season. What? I must have forgot about this deal, but why was he ever signed to this much? It's not like others that have simply declined and are no longer worth the money, this is a case where he was never close to worth this much and there is still 5 years go. - Parise - 8 years left at $7.538M per season. This is my pick for the worst contract. He's a good player, but it's the length and the cap hit that make this awful. He's 33, not definitely not worth the money now and there's 8 years to go where he's not going to get any better. - Bonino - 4 years at $4.1M. I must have missed this during the summer. He's obviously cashed in on winning 2 cups in a row, playing some important minutes, but $4.1M doesn't make sense. - Andrew MacDonald - 4 years at $5M. Huh? - Phaneuf - 4 years at $7M. This is nothing knew (especially living in Toronto, I used to hear about his contract all the time). There was a time he was expected to be a huge deal (there was talk of Crosby and Ovechkin was they broke in, but there was a lot of talk about Phaneuf as the #3 and not far behind back then....with evidence as well....times have changed).
  9. Pierre McGuire on Wings-Tavares

    That's true, but one player doesn't take you from the basement to a contender in hockey, one player can only do so much. One great player can certainly make the difference on a certain teams, but it's absolutely something to think about in terms of whether the team will be successful that he's joining (the difference he'd make to that team would be a consideration in there). You also have to consider means of moving to a certain it via trade or via free agency? Either has it's challenges, but the bigger probably being via trade. If I'm traded, what is the team giving up to get me? If a team wants a bona fide superstar, they are going to have to give up a while they add, they also subtract, perhaps it's through prospects and picks, so doesn't hurt in the very short term, but short term isn't a good way to go about things. With free agency, there is also downside by taking up dollars that can be spent around you, but not a lot of thought goes into that I'd guess.
  10. 2018 Detroit Red Wing All-Star(s)

    Hope you're right, but odds are against it...they haven't even had one 30 goal scorer in the past 8 years (last being in 08/09....they had 4 that year though).
  11. 2017 NHL China Games

    Hard to say, for me personally, I'm not going to go buy a ticket for a game I know nothing about. If it's something I know a little about, I probably know the star players and it's them that I will go buy tickets to see. Basically, that's the reason Gretzky was brought to LA.
  12. 2017 NHL China Games

    Some truth to that, but the other difference with these pre-season hockey games is that it isn't even that actual team that is playing, normally mostly prospects.
  13. Slashing Penalties

    Whoops....double post in error
  14. 2017 NHL China Games

    If they are going to do it, should be regular season games. I don't know about anyone else, but if the game doesn't count, I'm not really all that interested in going.
  15. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    It is a complicated issue, but the no tax thing doesn't really work if you just go and play the hockey season in Russia and live in Canada the rest of the year. There are various scenarios you can be in, of which I'm not an expert, but one is if you are out of the country for more than 181 days. I know a lot of people that have decided to go work in least for a while. Their earnings in Bermuda are tax free (I think....if not tax free, very little tax, like 2.5%). The key though is that they needed to cut all ties in Canada (i.e. can't hold assets like property, can't have bank accounts, etc.).