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  1. I remember at the time people thinking that, but I totally did not get it at all. I actually thought the schedule favored the Wings for some reason, can't remember why. But the Wings had a full 2 days rest before the Finals and PIT had 3 days rest, but that made total sense because PIT swept their 3 round and DET took 5 games. A long rest here would not help PIT, probably hurts as they'll be rusty....but same applies to NSH, which is why I suggested the schedule is dumb all around.
  2. He meant the opposite...meaning, you don't go to urgent care for chest pain, it could be more serious, so you go to the hospital. This would be the equivalent of "walk-in clinics" in Canada, which I avoid at all costs.
  3. Yes, long weekend screwed me up, but I at least got the no games starting on Friday correct.
  4. On paper, PIT has had a very difficult road this year. They finish 2nd overall in the entire league and are awarded with a 1st round series against the 3rd place team in the East (4th overall). Then 2nd round against President's Trophy winners. Anyway, what really boggles my mind is why the FINALS are starting next Monday. I'm sure there is a valid reason that I'm too lazy to look into, but I think it's terrible for everyone. If PIT wins tonight, there is literally a week without games. Even if OTT wins tonight, the series will be over on Wed and then there will be no games on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I don't get it. I do think it's pretty bad for the NHL. Everyone always talks about the playoffs going too late and we have this big break. No games for a week will have people moving on to other things, especially those that don't have a vested interest in the 2 teams that will be left.
  5. Backwards...1 NHL pt = 1.35 KHL pt
  6. Sullivan is getting skewered by some PIT media, but it could also be a genius move. He has the luxury of 2 cup winning goalies. I totally think he's doing this to put all the pressure on himself for game 4 rather than the team....trying to shake up the team. Obviously goaltending hasn't been the problem. Fleury has been their MVP so far I'd say. More impressive so far than Murray was last year. I think Murray was carried to the cup by the team's offense and had vastly better D. Some are joking that perhaps Fleury pulled a muscle carrying the 9 D men in front of him, few of which were actually their regulars. I think there is another conspiracy theory that could be thrown out (not that I agree with it) - team obviously made the choice that Murray was the future. It would have come naturally (he's a cup winner, Fleury is 32, Murray is 23, etc.), but LV made the decision come sooner perhaps. Now that Fleury has been playing incredible, what happens if he leads the team to the cup, then you dump him? Fleury is THE fan favourite. I don't think that would make a huge difference though, you gotta do what you gotta do. Bring Murray in now, he plays huge, then keeping him over Fleury in the off season is an easier sell. What happens if Murray stinks up the joint though? Perhaps that makes it easier to keep Fleury...gamble though as Fleury only has so many more good seasons, but Murray could turn out crappy too....anyway, I truly think the rationale is my first thought above....wake up call to the team, shot in the arm. He could end up going back to MAF in game 5.
  7. I'd put Fleury back in, he's been one of the best goalies in the playoffs so far, he's shouldn't lose his spot just because he's had a bad period. I think it's a tough situation though. Not that players don't like Murray, but I have to imagine Fleury is everyone's favourite. All I ever hear it that his teammates really love him and I can see it....he appears to be a hard guy not to like. Will be interesting what happens there this summer.
  8. Isn't the SHL a lower league from the top Swedish league, or is this the old SEL? Either way, it's not like he's putting up massive numbers, which is what I'd want to see out of an undersized guy.
  9. Not sure, but looks like PIT may be down another defenseman and it's their next best one (Shultz). I'm not sure how they'd have any shot at winning with the Dmen they are missing.
  10. All else being equal, the low Cdn dollar (it's not that low relatively speaking....but if you are only looking at the last 5 years, then yes, low) wise he'd be better in Calgary. All salaries are paid in USD, so he'd have more purchasing power in Calgary with the lower Cdn dollar. Some items will even out though (i.e. cars will be more expensive). However, all else isn't equal. I'm not going waste the time looking into income taxes, while Alberta has the lowest rates in Canada I believe, Texas has no state income tax, so one of the cheapest states to live (tax wise) in the US, so it you'd definitely pay less tax in Texas than in Alberta. Sales tax is cheaper in Calgary though (5%) vs. 8.25% in Dallas.
  11. Watched most of this game and I honestly cannot cheer for the Sens. The style of game they play is garbage, reminds me of the 90s Devils
  12. Agreed, why there is some truth to what he is saying, it's way, way over the top and there is way more to a team winning or losing than one guy.
  13. The difference is the sport itself though, not the leagues and how they are set up. In the NBA, if you have the best player, your chances of winning are very high, it's just the way it is...that doesn't work in hockey. Similar with football, if you have the best quarterback, your chances of winning are high as well....need a good defense to really be elite though.
  14. I don't think Ovechkin is the best player on the team anymore though.
  15. Are you suggesting the league should have fixed it so Edm could win?