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  1. It looks like experience is a real thing in terms of edge. Preds looks rattled....question is how long it will last.
  2. I imagine 50% of the penalty calls that Hornqvist draws are embellishments. Not saying that because I see a lot of the calls or anything, I just think that's the type of guy he is...I suspect a lot are legitimate though as he spends a lot of time around the front of the net.
  3. I agree that the challenge is slowing the game down, but at least they are getting the calls right. There's no way you can limit it to "obvious" offsides though, if it's offside by and inch, it's offside by an inch...what difference does it make how much offside it is? It's either all or nothing with that.
  4. I seriously hope you are joking. Complain all you want with the usual Pens stuff, but racism? Skate looked conclusively off the ice to me, but I'm watching on CBC, not sure what you are seeing.
  5. Do you actually believe all of this?
  6. Huh? We certainly weren't watching the same game. OTT had their chances, but PIT had far more chances throughout the game. Anderson kept it close again. A lot of experts thought game 6 was PIT's best game of the year....can't really agree or disagree as I haven't watched the majority of their games, but I know Crosby and Malkin dominated and when that happens they very, very rarely lose. Anderson stole game 6 big time, which is always a possibility with a hot goalie.
  7. It's hilarious, the fans think Kessel scored based on replays, but they clearly don't have access to all the replays that show it pretty clearly on top of the net, not under bar.
  8. It's getting pretty tired the complaining about PIT getting benefit of calls. I've watched this game and game 6. In this game, OTT has had 2 PP's and PIT has had 1. The Dion penalty was a penalty, but they have been letting that go most of the playoffs...however, PIT was called on the same play in game 6...the Dion penalty was more of a penalty though. PIT's 2 penalties...1 high stick, so no question there, the other was a slash mid-way through 1st period which was pretty pathetic. I don't even think it gets called during regular season. I don't have a problem with the call on its own, but the consistency is really bad as 10 minutes into the game, they already let go at least 15 slashes worse than that.
  9. I'm not an expert, but common sense thinking would be that it would not impact any buyout since the buyout is buying out the contract, so the NMC/NTC is gone as the contract no longer exists.
  10. I remember at the time people thinking that, but I totally did not get it at all. I actually thought the schedule favored the Wings for some reason, can't remember why. But the Wings had a full 2 days rest before the Finals and PIT had 3 days rest, but that made total sense because PIT swept their 3 round and DET took 5 games. A long rest here would not help PIT, probably hurts as they'll be rusty....but same applies to NSH, which is why I suggested the schedule is dumb all around.
  11. He meant the opposite...meaning, you don't go to urgent care for chest pain, it could be more serious, so you go to the hospital. This would be the equivalent of "walk-in clinics" in Canada, which I avoid at all costs.
  12. Yes, long weekend screwed me up, but I at least got the no games starting on Friday correct.
  13. On paper, PIT has had a very difficult road this year. They finish 2nd overall in the entire league and are awarded with a 1st round series against the 3rd place team in the East (4th overall). Then 2nd round against President's Trophy winners. Anyway, what really boggles my mind is why the FINALS are starting next Monday. I'm sure there is a valid reason that I'm too lazy to look into, but I think it's terrible for everyone. If PIT wins tonight, there is literally a week without games. Even if OTT wins tonight, the series will be over on Wed and then there will be no games on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I don't get it. I do think it's pretty bad for the NHL. Everyone always talks about the playoffs going too late and we have this big break. No games for a week will have people moving on to other things, especially those that don't have a vested interest in the 2 teams that will be left.
  14. Backwards...1 NHL pt = 1.35 KHL pt
  15. Sullivan is getting skewered by some PIT media, but it could also be a genius move. He has the luxury of 2 cup winning goalies. I totally think he's doing this to put all the pressure on himself for game 4 rather than the team....trying to shake up the team. Obviously goaltending hasn't been the problem. Fleury has been their MVP so far I'd say. More impressive so far than Murray was last year. I think Murray was carried to the cup by the team's offense and had vastly better D. Some are joking that perhaps Fleury pulled a muscle carrying the 9 D men in front of him, few of which were actually their regulars. I think there is another conspiracy theory that could be thrown out (not that I agree with it) - team obviously made the choice that Murray was the future. It would have come naturally (he's a cup winner, Fleury is 32, Murray is 23, etc.), but LV made the decision come sooner perhaps. Now that Fleury has been playing incredible, what happens if he leads the team to the cup, then you dump him? Fleury is THE fan favourite. I don't think that would make a huge difference though, you gotta do what you gotta do. Bring Murray in now, he plays huge, then keeping him over Fleury in the off season is an easier sell. What happens if Murray stinks up the joint though? Perhaps that makes it easier to keep Fleury...gamble though as Fleury only has so many more good seasons, but Murray could turn out crappy too....anyway, I truly think the rationale is my first thought above....wake up call to the team, shot in the arm. He could end up going back to MAF in game 5.