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  1. He was saved by his lack of dirty history and the fact there was not an injury. Personally, I think far too much weight is placed on whether an injury occurs or not, past history does make sense, unless you basically give nothing because of no history. In this case 6 games isn't nothing, but could have been a lot worse if someone else had done it.
  2. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it will be 6 at the absolute minimum and should be more...which will be consistent with past infractions of this nature. Same can be said about the Marchand incident....consistent with the past, they don't punish severely for slew can argue they should, but at least there is some consistency here.
  3. The other consideration is that these guys are all getting paid right now, no rush....they may look to see how things shakeout in the post-season...perhaps the Blackhawks are looking for a coach then. However, and it's a big however, these guys, the guys you want, don't like being away from the game, so waiting around isn't in their DNA.
  4. I think Nyquist's was least Keith only had one hand on his stick (though he did get some pretty good torque on it). So, I'm thinking 6 games is the minimum, especially if you are sitting in the camp that think stars get treated differently (Keith).
  5. The other big problem is that the Wings have only 16 wins in regulation, the 8 teams they need to get past all have been 20-24.
  6. Slight change, I think they are 6 pts behind, not 5. It's possible, but I think the biggest roadblock is the 8 teams they'd have to pass.
  7. RIP, sad that having team owners like this are a bit of a thing of the past. Franchises are worth so much money, unless someone has owned the team forever (or in the family), ownership is usually going to be corporate backed or a large group of investors. Mr. I. bought the Wings for $8 million.
  8. Just because his stats were good, after playing 10 games, doesn't mean his trade value would be high.
  9. Hasn't played for the Leafs yet. He's on their roster, healthy scratch on Monday.
  10. Avalanche with a big 4-0 win last night, maybe they won't go down as one of the worst over the last 20 years
  11. Better team is very subjective. I know the majority like to pile it on the coach around here, but there also needs to be a sense of realism built in here as well. The biggest problem right now is the older players got older, if still around, decline sets in and in other cases, those players are gone. Younger players haven't been able to come in and develop quick enough to offset. There is currently a big hole on defense. Having a real solid defense goes a long way and the team simply doesn't have that right now. In terms of everyone underperforming other than Mantha, Green and Vanek....without going through everyone, I'm not sure how much more can be expected out of Zetterberg. I almost think he's overperforming. I know its not to the same level as in the past, but to expect that as he continues to age is unrealistic.
  12. The comment was that DET is still better than NJ, I'm not sure what the last 10 years has to with that. This isn't an opinion, yes, NJ has played 2 more games and yes, they only have 3 more points, but that equates to a better record, period (DET is only on pace for just over 1pt per game, so 3 more points in 2 extra games is better)....their basically equivalent right now, but NJ's record is slightly better.
  13. NJ currently has a better record than DET
  14. I knew they were having a very bad year, but never looked at it too closely until today, not sure why, but I pulled up the standings. The first thing that jumped out at me is their goal differential (-69). Anyway, anyone else paying much attention to them right now? I couldn't help it, I had to go back and look at prior years and the Avalanche are currently on pace to have the worst year since Atlanta's expansion year (1999-2000). They are on pace for 50 pts and -115 goal differential. Buffalo came close to that bad, but not quite there.
  15. Most famous? I get that he was the first Norwegian in the NHL, but only 1 game and he really didn't play much past the age of 23 or 24. I don't know may players from Norway, but Espen Knutsen, I would think, is more famous....purely because I know who that is and I never heard of Skaare before today